Which tonearm cable?

Hi guys
I have recently upgraded my Rega Planar 2 with the RB 303 Tonearm, Dynavector 10x5 MC Cartridge, New Sub Platter assembly from Groovetracer and Rega 24V Motor upgrade.

I want to improve it even further and wish to completely upgrade the tonearm cable. There is a lot of BS around about the true audio benefits of upgraded cabling, with many irresponsible and inaccurate claims being made about the audible difference that these upgrades make.
To avoid being duped into spending unheard of $ on unnecessary improvements, I would like to hear from other vinyl music lovers who have made the effort to upgrade their cables and are happy with the outcome.
What do you guys recommend?
I have two of the ones listed here and find them to be very good and better constructed than many far more expensive ones. He offers money back if not satisfied.

The Phonocable is probably the most important one in the whole System. Nowhere else the signal is so small, can be influenced so much (it should be shielded) and nowhere else the loss of information can be done faster (material of connector, kind of wire from the ability to transfer signal).
Some time ago there was a special made rewire kit from Incognito for Rega Arms available. It is not so expensive and the sonic jump compared to stock is really huge. Try to find some information about it.
Not sure if I agree with my friend Syntax: important ok
but 'most important'? Anyway he is not very specific. You have basicaly the choice between the silver and the copper wire.There are people who swear by silver but also those who hate silver wire. Then there are huge price diferences
inside and between both categories. I assume that you are not willing to pay $1000 for the wire meant for a tonearm of, say, $300? The (huge) advantage of Rega is the construction which allows for an easy access to both: the tube and the collar. If you are skilful with the soldering iron you can do this job yourself. There is no cheaper way
to my knowledge to rewire an Rega tonearm. You can find all the needed info on the internet.

Thanks Guys,

Very helpful comments. I agree with Nandric. I don't think that spending $1000 for tonearm cable is justified but I have seen a few cables around the $300 range. The argument over which is the best wire, copper or silver still rages on and I am not yet convinced that either one has an advantage over the other. I think I'll have a look at Stanwal's suggestion and if that is no good then I'll keep looking on the internet.
The Furutech AG12 is a well-built, quiet, great-sounding cable at a good price. They come up used in the $300-350 range.
the Furutech AG12 is my choice when it comes to phono cables. I also have a Jelco cable and much prefer the Furutech unit. I have to agree with syntax, if the quality of signal is lost at the source...
I am not sure if I would ever go with the option suggested by Stanwal. An entirely unshielded tonearm cable is a big risk (although it may end up performing perfectly fine in certain environments).
There are quite a few well made cables on ebay at very good prices ($80-&120). Most of them actually use Canare and Mogami mic/balanced cables and both of them are excellent entry level performers. The same exactly cables are often dressed with an outer sleeve and branded sell for double the price.
Having said the above, I would be very interested in finding a well priced pure silver cable with a shield.
The Rega arm will not accept a 5 pin din cable. They need to be completely rewired with a kit like the cardas incognito. There maybe other wiring options but the Rega is not plug and play.

If you're not good at soldering then you need to send it to someone to rewire it for you.
My biggest improvement was changing the RCA connectors on my present cable to WBT Nextgen.
I know they are expensive, and you need to solder it yourself, but you might also be impressed.