Which tonearm?

I have a VPI Hw-19 Mk III with an armboard drilled for an RB300. I want to upgrade my tonearm but VPI hasn't written me back about armboards for the HW-19 and I really would rather not get another one. So if that's the case what tonearms can I get that would fit the armboard drilled for an RB300? I did read here that the JMW-9 has the same geometry but he had a Scout. Being a newbie, not sure if that applies to my turntable or not?

Another quick question. If I were to upgrade to the mk IV which has either a TNT platter or Scout platter, would I have to change to a thicker armboard because they're thicker platters? Thanks for your patience!
VPI doesn't stock any armboards for the HW-19 series anymore. There are a few on here from time to time. You would have to go to the "Super Arm Board" if you get a taller platter. VPI doesn't have those any more either.

If you have a local plastics company, it's pretty easy to have a few acrylic boards made. Just take yours in as a sample.

If you stay with the armboard you have try one of these arms:


These are INCREDIBLE arms!
I think I may have one if you are interested, I'll have to check on what arm it is cut for. You need to look on Vinyl Engine to see what arms will fit, you can tell this by ones that have the same or very similar pivot to spindle distance. I can tell from experience that the Zeta and Ittok arms will fit the same board as the Rega. Jelco makes some nice arms at a reasonable price that should fit. If you went to a thicker platter you could get a spacer made from wood or plastic to raise the arm, or possibly one of the VTA adjustment accessories from VPI or Michell or others, adding washers under it would allow you to have the arm higher, in the old days arms often came with an assortment of washers for this purpose.
Ditto the Jelco. I've been playing around with a 750D for a little while and it performs quite well.

Just to provide an additional option, the Micro Seiki MA-505 seems quite good also, maybe a step up from the Jelco. The MS arm would require a different armboard since its geometry is different. Used 505s are around for about the price as a new Jelco.

Armboards for a HW-19 Mk 3 are quite easy to make. It's simply a 1/2" thick piece of acrylic, readily available in bulk. For a few bucks you can get a sheet of black 1/2" acrylic that will keep you in armboards far beyond the useful life of the turntable. Just cut, drill and polish. Poke around here as a source:


Good luck.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm in New York so I'm pretty sure getting an armboard made can't be too hard around here. If that were the case, are there directions on how to make an armboard fit a VPI tonearm for example?

Mofi: thanks for the website suggestion... that could be another route.
Just use your existing one as a template.
check out the TransFI terminator linear tracking air bearing arm. Just google Transfi Terminator. Also a couple of good reviews here on Agon. It was a significant upgrade from the fully modded RB 300 i was using. It will fit your armboard.
Origin Live arms are excellent, and would fit your rega-ready armboard.
Second the Origin Live arms as an option that would be a direct drop in to your exisitng armboard. I have made the move from the Rega to Origin Live and found a significant improvment in my system.
Sweet. Did a little research and the Origin Live seems great. Thanks