Which Tone Arm for Oracle Delphi + Grado Ref?

I've been using a Well Tempered Classic with a Grado for years and just a few months upgraded to the high ouput Reference. I picked up my dream table, an Oracle Delphi Mk4 a few weeks ago and now would like to find the right arm for the table and Grado.

Any opinions?

I love the look of the SME 3,4 and 5, but have heard that they may note be ideal for the Grado. A friend suggested the Morch.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Anyone out there experience any of these combos?
I use my Morch UP-4 Arm Silver wired red dot with my Grado Ref. and get great results with it.Also you can use other arm wands with their tonearm incase you want to experiment with additional mass.
I have had good luck with a Grado Sonata and a Hadcock 242
I have tried several arms on the Oracle Delphi. My favorite is the Eminent Technology II air bearing arm. Takes a bit of work to set up. Worth the extra work in spades. Good luck.
So I finally ended up with an SME V and the combination with the Grado Reference is music to my ears! I've been rediscovering my record collection and can't believe ow good vinyl can sound!!!! Seems like a match made in heaven. I still wonder what a Graham would sound like but the SME presented itself at an price I could not turn down....it was meant to happen. All said, I will probably still keep my Well Tempered which is an amazing sounding table for the price.

Gotta flip the record....