which to use as trans? DVD, CD, or LD?

I currenty have a Phillips 880 (jack changed to BNC) that I use as a transport to my wadia X32 (getting Enetc 245.2 this week) I also own the Pioneer DVD 525, and the Pioneer CLD-D702 Laserdisc. Which would be the better transport?

Also someone has an EAD T 1000 for sale. Is that any good- what's a used one worth?
Sorry; you asked. None of the above.Theta Data 2 or 3 are ld/cd,but require an outboard dac.(Is that what the Wadia is?) Yes,of the choices above,they all play music,just not very high end sound.If you have these pieces,you know what they sound like. If you are about to buy any of them;they work best for lazer or dvd purposes.Don't expect to much from the cd sound from any of them. You would need data 3;you have no ac3/ DD now. The 3 would give you this + a geat cd transport . Then there is the reg Pioneer 909,that has ac3 out,plays dvds,but not much better as a cd transport.Best advice / keep the 525/ look to score a Data 2 or 3.
I agree with Avguygeorge. The Theta Data III, which I own, is much better CD/LD transport. This transport with my Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC is wonderful for music and what they do for laser disc as to be heard.