Which to keep -- Anthem AVM2 or Nakamichi AV8?

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I mostly listen to music. But I do watch a TV show or two and the occasional movie -- standard def on my old CRT TV has been just fine (I do have 5.1 for movies).

But alas, my TV is starting to show signs of age. I may have to buy a TV and I'll probably end up getting a widescreen HD TV to catch-up on the times a bit. And it might be nice to watch movies in HD -- I have a Blu-ray player (since my DVD player gave up a while back).

I *think* (but I'm not sure) that I can use my existing set-up: Integra DTR6.5 (no HDMI but component in/out) with digital audio inputs (optical and coax - currently using optical) and still get an HD video experience from Blu-ray.

Even still (but especially if not), I might want to upgrade my receiver to one with HDMI (1.3 or later).

As the DTR6.5 is my pre/pro of most recent manufacture, I'm thinking about using it as my pre/pro for audio in my 'listening' room/office. It supports more recent DSP formats and has more recent DACs -- from previous questions I've had, you folks have generally guided me to 'newer is better' for this subsystem.

I'm currently using either the AVM2 or Nak AV8 as the pre/pro for listening (attached to an Adcom GFA-5400 and Paradigm Legend V3 speakers); my only source is an old (early 90's?) Panasonic DVD player using digital optical.

Question for which I ask your expert guidance: To help fund a new (used) receiver, I need to sell either my AVM2 or my AV8. I'd probably keep one (for BGM in the bedroom) unless I need to raise funds given my tight budget. Which do you recommend I keep?

As to listening -- I can't really tell the difference between the two. Perhaps it's my source material, my source, my speakers or my room -- or some combination thereof. But it's very difficult for me to tell the difference between the two (I might have a slight preference for the AV8 -- but maybe I'm biased because it was my first 'expensive' receiver purchase). And I can't do a blind test since I'm the one hooking things up. :)

Based on MSRP, feature set, date of manufacture -- I should probably keep the AVM2. But then again, the AV8 has the benefit of being a receiver rather than just a pre/pro. And it does sound pretty nice and I like it. Would I grow into the AVM2 if I someday get better components (CD player, speakers, etc)? If so, would this be a big, expensive jump or would it be incremental - like just getting a recent, better CD player and using its DACs and analog out (ie - < $200 used)?

Or are both of these just dated and I should be indifferent?

Or should I sell the DTR6.5 (despite the relative newness) and keep the AVM2 and the AV8?