Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?

Thinking about purchasing a pair of one of these speakers.  I don't have the opportunity to listen to them in person but would be interested in your thoughts...especially if you have heard or owned one or the other or both.  All constructive comments welcome....thanks.

I would not use the DeVores as they may be too polite with Pass amps.

Just curious why you expect this would be the case.  The XA25 should actually match very well with this easy to drive speaker.  
Whoopycat nailed it as stated above I'll also add Sean Casey from Zu often uses Pass amps at audio shows and they make a nice combo.
I tried the Soul Supremes and liked them but didn’t keep them. Zu took them back no questions asked, no hassle. Give them a shot 
Keep shopping. You are not there yet.
Xa25 owner.
I have the Soul Supremes and I think that they are wonderful.  That being said, they are EXTREMELY revealing of a poor source.