Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?

Thinking about purchasing a pair of one of these speakers.  I don't have the opportunity to listen to them in person but would be interested in your thoughts...especially if you have heard or owned one or the other or both.  All constructive comments welcome....thanks.
What amp are you using?  I've had 93's and Soul Superflys side by side in my home.

O/93: easy to drive, amp friendly, very refined textured midrange, huge soundstage, deep (but loose) bass, needs a bit of space around it, laid back sound

Supreme (based on owning Superfly/Druids): easy to place in room, great focus/tonal density, very tight/resolving bass that also goes deep, pickier about amps than DeVore, half the cost of O/93, forward sound
Oh, one more thing.  The answer is order the Supremes and take advantage of Zu's 60 day trial.  If you don't like them, send them back and get the DeVores.  Easy peasy.
My amp is a Pass Labs XA-25.