Which to buy...or neither

Hi all-Just trying to inexpensively work towards an analog audiophile setup. Currently using a Project III turntable, have a Marantz 2245 receiver/amp and would like to get some better speakers-currently using some old, huge Fishers.

Anyway-looking at either used KEF 104ab or Paradigm 11se MkIII.

Mostly I listen to vinyl-and mostly to '60's and '70's rock/prog/psych kind of stuff.

They are both available for around $400. Look like a decent deal? Has anyone used these? Anything better for around this price?

Thanks!!! ghhhk
Between those two, I would go for the KEF.

I'd go paradigm, between those two that is! I bet others here could steer you to a pair of used speakers in the $500 range that would be better than either of those though.
I can't seem to say this often enough. There will be supporters of both speakers depending on what they personally like and enjoy. Unfortunetley what they like is necesarily going to be what you like and the only opinion that counts is yours. Do whatever you can to audition and get firsthand knowledge of a speaker yourself before you buy it.
Thanks to all. I ended up buying the Paradigms and so far so good. I'm sure over the years I'll hear others and may upgrade down the road but for now, this is a step forward for me and they sound nice to my ears!