which to buy? Aurendern N100H vs Innuos Zen MK II

Trying to decide between the two..

Haven't been able to get an Innuos in my system to hear one though. The MK III is out of my budget. Will be shopping for used.

Any real world thoughts between the units you can share. 
The Aurender N100H is a solid good sounding device.  I owned one and can recommend it.  No experience with the Innuuos.
I owned the Aurender N100h for 3 years then upgraded to the Innuos Zenith mk2 SE.  As far as operating and ripping CD's there's no comparison.  The Zenith is way easier to use.  Everything with the Innuos is automatic, but with the Aurender it's a very long process to rip, file, label and add artwork.  Also with Innuos you have the option to use Roon which I do and love....not so with the Aurender.