Which Threshold amp to buy???

I had a T-100 about 7 years ago. I wish I still had it. I am looking for another Threshold amp. Let's hear about what your favorite Threshold amp is and why. Have you compared it to other Threshold amps? Which ones? Who will win? T-Series vs. S-Series vs. Stasis E-series. Let the games begin!!! Any and all info. would be appreciated.

Thank You
My Threshold experiences are with the T200 and Sa3.9. The T200 was a great all around amp, even though only 100w/ch stereo. It was an "angry 100watts" however! Lot's of snap and bass weight. It was also very clear, detailed, and big sounding. I liked the amp very much. Would own one again if need be. Good stuff.
The 3.9 was, besides being less wattage (60/ch st), a bit sweeter on top, and midrange perhaps a pinch fuller from what I remember. It didn't however have the bass weight and smack of the T200 to be true. These differences however were small comparatively. Top to bottom, I liked em both just fine. Maybe the T200's trebble was a smidge "drier" sounding, but still excellent, smooth, airy, extended...as with both amps.
If I were driving a pair of modestly senstitive mini monitors, I'd lean towards the more sweat 3.9. If I was driving bigger speakers, or speakers with lower sensitivity, and I needed to rock a bit, I'd go T200.
I never heard the T400, which was like only 50 watts more power than the 200 or something. But I heard tell that the 200 was better, but not sure.
Anyway, that's my Treshold experience. All in all, good stuff indeed!
I agree with Exertfluffer's remarks on sound, but feel I should add that the T-series is not designed by Nelson Pass and uses ring emmitter transistors which are no longer available if they fail. Threshold service company can rebuild these amps with new output transistors and the existing power supply, but I have no idea as to the cost.
Jeff, you make it sound so easy; some of these vintage Threshold amps seldom appear online.

I've had a S300 Series II, and now have a S350/e. Both run trouble free and I keep mine powered 24/7. The stasis/e series are indeed the last ones with Nelson Pass onboard.

It's interesting to me that the S300 is a clean, simple looking design whereas the S350/e is much more complicated looking internally. Also, the S350/e came with not only an operating manual like the S300's but an additional separate service manual packed with schematics. Maybe it escaped me with the S300, but with the S350/e even the top cover has a part number stamped into it. The later over-attention to parts accounting makes me wonder what was happening at the factory shortly before it changed hands.

Echoing Oldears comments, The T series amps used IGBP's (insulated gate bipolar transistors) which are no longer available. Aside from today's Texas factory, a good repair resource for vintage Thresholds is:


Check out the archive there for some idea which Threshold is right for you. For my money, the optical bias later Stasis series (uprated A/AB from AB, have black top covers and say optical bias, instead of overall feedback free, on the front panels) and the e series are the cream of the crop. However I'm sure any of the earlier products reflect the same build quality. Real class acts like Threshold seldom disappoint.
Glad to see someone discussing older Threshold products. I have a S250/E with FET9/E. I've owned the combo since 1994 and is the only "audiophile" amp/preamp I've ever had in my system.

Lately, I've gotten the upgrade bug and have been thinking about trying the Pass Labs Aleph series. In many audio stores, I haven't found any other brand I like better than my Threshold.

Would the Pass Labs (Aleph 2, 4 or 5) with Aleph P make a big sound improvement? Listening room is 14 x 14...

Lots NPN ring emitter transitors out there. Fuji makes them. Check on RFParts.com. 
The challenge for me in Idaho is to find someone who can work on electronics period. Do you have any great go-to guys that can fix electronic gear like amps?

There are a good many people still buying McIntosh amps out there and re-capping them. The price of McIntosh classics just keeps getting more and more expensive. 

I have a chance to buy a S/500 really cheap. It would be great if I knew someone to recap it for me. The new stuff is thousands of dollars. I guy can’t have a $100,000 stereo plus a 200 mph car plus a big green tractor plus a Korean movie star wife. Yes, it is nice to have a stereo worth tens of thousands but who can have it all. I have a system targeted at $12k. I was going to buy a couple of Cherry amps. Strangely though, I just came across this Threshold. The THD are fantastic, just like the older McIntosh. 
People seem to be in two camps, old or new. The Japanese folks sure like the older stuff. I guess I’ll buy it and take a chance. I can always sell it if I don’t like it. I really would like to find an amplifier repair technician master

I have a S/350e Stasis Threshold re-issue. Assembled in China from parts supplied by Threshold.

This amp has to be the bargain of the century.

Fit, finish and sound as good or better than the original. Hardly warm and it's on 24/7.

Many people dismissed this amp when it was launched about five years ago as some cheap knockoff. If you can find one snap it up.