Which Tekton???

I am running an Outlaw 2160, Fluance RT85, and Schiit Modi 3 currently into Elac debut 1.0 speakers. I have gotten a bonus and have around 2K to spend and really like what I have heard review wise from Tekton. I have looked at other brands (vander, klipsch, JBL, Elac, Zu, ETC) and for the money seems like Tekton is the way to go. Being in OKC I have no places to audition speakers so I am choosing by youtube reviews, reading here, reading online about room acoustics and general research. With my budget I trying to decide between the Perfect set 10 and Electron which is a smaller version of the double impact. Also I am mainly rock no jazz or classical. Thanks in advance for guidance.

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Cerwin-Vega for the win.