Which Tekton???

I am running an Outlaw 2160, Fluance RT85, and Schiit Modi 3 currently into Elac debut 1.0 speakers. I have gotten a bonus and have around 2K to spend and really like what I have heard review wise from Tekton. I have looked at other brands (vander, klipsch, JBL, Elac, Zu, ETC) and for the money seems like Tekton is the way to go. Being in OKC I have no places to audition speakers so I am choosing by youtube reviews, reading here, reading online about room acoustics and general research. With my budget I trying to decide between the Perfect set 10 and Electron which is a smaller version of the double impact. Also I am mainly rock no jazz or classical. Thanks in advance for guidance.

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Congrats on your choice dlong75. I bet your Outlaw will sound great with the 2-10. In Steve's video he mentions that the PS 2-10 is 8 Ohms. Wondering if the reason that spec is not listed on the Tekton website might be because Eric can make it as either an 8 or a 4 Ohm speaker? Did the Ohm rating come up on your call with Eric? 

dlongj75 - Looking forward to hearing about your conversation with Tekton. Eric was great in helping me decide what to order based on my needs back then. Been happy ever since.
Glad you are loving the new speakers. Yeah, Aja sounds so good on Tektons. Cool setup!
Hey dlongj75 How are the new Tektons sounding?