Which Tekton???

I am running an Outlaw 2160, Fluance RT85, and Schiit Modi 3 currently into Elac debut 1.0 speakers. I have gotten a bonus and have around 2K to spend and really like what I have heard review wise from Tekton. I have looked at other brands (vander, klipsch, JBL, Elac, Zu, ETC) and for the money seems like Tekton is the way to go. Being in OKC I have no places to audition speakers so I am choosing by youtube reviews, reading here, reading online about room acoustics and general research. With my budget I trying to decide between the Perfect set 10 and Electron which is a smaller version of the double impact. Also I am mainly rock no jazz or classical. Thanks in advance for guidance.

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So Tammy never got back to me today so you got more information than I have.
Thanks all for the input. I ended up buying the Perfect set 10. The Electrons seemed really enticing but I used the price difference to buy a marantz 6006 CD player. That will round out my system for the near future.
Primarily cost based and I didnt get with Eric. I watched the review of the set 10 by Steve Guttenberg on his sight and read up on both. I honestly don't think either is a bad choice. 
So much anger here. LOL

I think Tyray is going with the idea if I have already decided I'm buying Tekton (which I had) that Eric might help me better choose a set of speakers that fit my needs.

I am no expert and Eric did design each speaker with a set of specific perimeters in mind. When i choose the Perfect Set 2-10 I did not realize it was specifically built for low power tube amps. I was a little confused by the reading on it as it I have seen it used for both. Also lets be honest I am still new in the Audiophile world and I dont have unlimited cash flow.  I do have pretty good Wife acceptance though. She is supportive of my music listening.  She is a financial analyst so if I stick to the budget we are good.  The Perfect SET 2-10 looked really cool and seemed to fit what I wanted to pair my system with so that is what I went with. Also I was being a little impatient and should have waited until this thread populated more to get a better consensus. 

That all being said I have sent an email to Tekton to make sure I didn't miss the boat and maybe the Enzo Xl or the Electron would be the better fit. 
I spoke with Steve Guttenberg about the Outlaw 2160 and he concurred that the 2160 would more than drive the 4 ohm load of the Electron. The amp will do 120 ish per channel @ 8ohm and 167 ish @ 4ohms
So I didnt answer your question... The 4 ohm load requires the amp to "push" more current (wrong terms?) but it is a heavier load at 4 ohm than 8 ohms. Amps that are rated at 4ohms tend to have a larger power supply and heat sinks to compensate for the extra load.  
@jetter The Electron is exactly a scaled down Double Impact. Tekton did in fact email me back and I will have a discussion tomorrow with them. They seem to have a lot of speakers that overlap in abilities. The Enzo XL, Set 2-10, set 15 , Electron, Pendragon, all seem to fit my needs. I saw a video that showed Eric explaining the 15 really was optimizer for low watt and had the bass dialed in specifically for low watt timing. He spoke about the how each piece was selected specifically for flea watt tube amps. Curious if ths 2-10 is the same or if it was developed differently. Ill report back what I learn.
I know vendors don't always have the bandwidth to be on sites like this but this is one of the times it would be great to have an actual rep from Tekton on and contributing to the conversation thread. I know they should not jump on and trash others items but being here to guide people when its time to purchase their stuff would be helpful. I am a tech guy and lets be honest... I am not a fan or talking to people on the phone. I am much more comfortable online, texting, and behind a keyboard. LOL also most other sites I belong to have vendor specific forums specifically for that. Jump in, ask a question, get an answer make better decisions.
Update: Sorry been TDY and busy

Spoke with Eric shortly and he thinks my Outlaw 2160 will pair nicely with the Set 2-10. 6-8 weeks for delivery. Very excited to get these in and work on getting them dialed in.
Sooooo I just got word that my speakers are in Route and will be here Thursday afternoon. I will post pics as they get here and when I unbox. So excited.
All joking aside yes They are so good I forgot about this post after they arrived LOL. I am not one for good reviews or descriptions but going from Elac Debut B6 to these where a life-altering change. So I have heard about separation, sound stage, holographic projection, and things like that when describing listening to speakers. I never truly understood what that meant. Now I do. I am hearing things I have never heard in albums I've had for 30yrs. It has literally made me go back and pull out CD's and LP's I have not listen to in a while just to hear what they sound like and if I have missed anything. NOW all that being said I did the audiophile thing and found a really really nice original copy of Steely Dan's AJA on vinyl. I am not a Steely Dan fan, I don't listen to Jazz, I don't listen to Classical BUT, that AJA album is F@$KING amazing sounding. I sat one night and let the whole LP wash over me. In some ways its like hearing for the time. I have NO other speakers at this level to compare to but I am VERY VERY happy with my purchase.  I have always been a big music listening fan, this setup makes me very happy. I do need to update my DAC though I am hearing some weakness in my Modi 3 at this level. Not going to crazy but thing I may pick up the RME ADI-2 DAC. With no way to listen to things here in OKC I have to rely heavily on youtube, this forum,, and a few other places I read about stuff. I purchased the Tektons and Outlaw both after ready for months about performance, sound, and watching prices. Very very happy