Which table better choice in the long run?

I currentlly own a Nottingham Spacedeck with heavy plattter, a Schroeder 2 arm with a Denon 103R (Uwe) body. I have just purchased a near mint Technics SP10 (SL1000) with the obidian plinth and EPA 100 arm. I will have the table thorougly looked over once I recieve it. I will start with the Denon cartrdige and then look to possibly upgrade it (and possibly the plinth) and definitely the mat (which will buy a copper mat). As the turntable is 30 years old and direct drive and the Nottingham is a belt drive and couldnot be more different, I was wondering what differing view people would have. I will do a shoot out within a month or so. So, what are people's opinions of this table.
How about you tell us?

If the Technics is rebuilt properly and with a great plinth I think it competes with the best there is.