Which system with Tannoy D700 ?

I have just purchased a S/H pair of Tannoy D700. Genuinely BIG speakers, with a hearty sound, amazing bass and surprising finesse for a hornish design. They can tend to sound a bit forward or raw though.
Question is : which amp and speakers cables would suit them best ?
Thanks for your tips.
Kora Kosmos monos will be a great match(best amps I've ever heard for that price range). Speak to a VanDenHul cable specialist directly(Chris) and he would bring you the best-value idea. To me the VanDenHul cables worth more than every penny to its performance since they have probably the best designed conductors available.
Congratulations on the D700's. There are a lot of choices available for amps. I would consider Bryston, BAT, McCormack, SimAudio, or Pass Labs with a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp. I wouldn't worry about the cables until you choose all your components.
I auditioned some McIntosh equipment on Tannoy D700s and they were splendid together. Really! I bought the McIntosh and I also bought some D500s on the Internet based on this experience (the D700s were too big for my wife). The McIntosh tamed the D700 sound nicely.