Which system to buy Aragon forte or McCormack?

I'm looking for the most musical combination for spica angelus , tc 50 and apogee centaur minor. I like resolution clarity imaging and wide soundstage. What would you suggest? I have Aragon 4004 mk2 or McCormack DNA .5 amps but don't know if it's worth buying a forte system to try. Haven't heard a system comparison in many years

This brings me back. I owned both Apogee Centaur Minors and an Forte 4a early 90s, not at the same time though. Do the Centaur Minors have the matching stands? These are nice speakers but they won't play really loud and need the stands. As I remember the Forte was a little bit dark sounding. I have heard the Aragon but it was a long time ago and all I remember is that I was never that impressed. I really liked the sound of the Spica Angelus at the time but could not live with the bowtie look.

What do you have currently and what are you looking to spend?
I've heard the speakers you mentioned above but have only read about the amps. I also say your other post as well. I believe the Forte model 1a is a whole different animal (probably much improved)from the model 1 and the model 4 has a lot more current (50 amps vs 30 amps) over the model 1a. Those are class A amps so they are sweet sounding...
and I've read a lot that the Aragons can be dry sounding. I think your interconnects and spkr wire definitely will also play a big role in your system enjoyment as well...

Not sure about the McCormack if it's Mosfet or not, I know it's an excellent amplifier though. I think I'd go for the McCormack if it were me with the Forte 1a as a 2nd choice.

On a personal note, I remember you from many years ago. I think I bought a Luxman tuner (T-110 if memory serves me correctly) from you back in the day. At the time you had an Acurus DIA-100 with Magnaplanar speakers. Let us know what you end up with. Good listening :)
Haven't we been here before?
"Not sure about the McCormack if it's Mosfet or not"

I'm pretty sure they use bipolar transistors.
Thank you all. Yes Lou this is the same person. I hope you have enjoyed the luxman. You have an excellent memory.

I purchased several systems for the Apogee and Spicasincluding a McComack DNA .5 and RDL-1. I'm curious to hear the Aragon vs McCormack. Everyone likes the McCormack better. Right now I'm runninG a Prima luna Prologue 2 with the Angelus and it sounds very very good but I would like to see if solid state at the McCormack level is better.I'll keep you posted.
As with most SS amps, they seem to sound better with a properly mated tube preamp in front of them.