Which system did you upgrade to from Plinius SA102 and M16P?

If you upgraded from Plinius SA102 and/or M16P (or other Plinius preamp) , which components did you upgrade to?
Then, are you satisfied with your upgrade? What did you specifically not like SA102/M16P?
Well, I have SA102 and M16P. I suspect M16P is a weak link. My PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium sounds a little bit better, but the phono in M16P is really good. Any experience to share on SA102/M16P?
My Gershman Grand Avant Garde is 87dB and it requires decent power. I am not in the urgent upgrade mode, but I wonder what I can do to make my system sound noticeably better with $5000 or so. I think Gershman has a lot more potential with better (or different?)  amp/preamp. I have Esoteric UZ-1 universal player and Oppo 105, and decent analog gears (Garrard 301, Denon DP80, Clearaudio Bluemotion, Allnic H1202). Room acoustics with sound panel is on my project list. 
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One of the more expensive Allnic preamps.
I suggest you contact Audiogon member Albertporter.

I have Allnic H1202. Allnic gears are on my radar.
They are a bit out of my price range, but I will keep looking.