Which Synergistic Research XLR&power cord for sub?

I recently updated all my cords in my home theater system to Synergistic Research Tesla series. 3-T2's,T3,Precision Reference AC,Accelerator speaker bi-wire, Quattro & QLS 9. My sub now has an AC Master Coupler power cord & an Alpha Sterling Phase 2 RCA. Can anyone suggest a good Tesla power cord & XLR to replace the old line for my SVS PB 13 Ultra sub. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. THX ALL !!!!!

I have worked my way up the Synergistic Research line and my advice is to get the best SR cable you can afford IMO the only cable that will better a SR cable is a better SR cable. check my system.
I just did this and ended up with a T-3 PC and Reference sub cables for my Velodyne sub. Very nice.