Which SUT? .... for .3mv/10 ohms MC cartridge into 3mv MM input sensitivity

Please help me choose a SUT for my 1st MC cartridge.

Now I have more than enough volume using my existing MM cartridges thru my mx110z MM Phono input which says sensitivity 3mv/47k ohms impedance.

AT440ml is 3mv.
Shure 97xe is 4mv
Shure V15VxMR is 5mv
Grado ME+ Mono is 5mv.

coming tomorrow: AT33PTG/2 MC .3mv/10 ohm coil impedance/dc resistance


signal boost, am I getting it right?

1. Is 3mv a MINIMUM strength for the mx110z input?

2. .3mv x 10 = 3mv (+20db correct?) (minimum boost therefore x10/+20db)?

3, if correct, is .3 x 20 = 6mv equiv to +40db?

4. if so, a SUT providing +40db is more than enough for the .3mv and any likely future MC?

impedance/loading: I am not getting it.

I read about a general rule: coil impedance x 10 for ____?
A33PTG/2: 10 ohm coil x 10 = 100 ohm

too high impedance sounds thin? bright?
too low impedance sounds dull?

(how?) (minimum?) (where?)

Thanks as always, and this time I will definitely wait for advice before getting anything. I am not in a hurry for this, Bill will loan me one of his SUT’s until I get my own.


I use the Denon AU-320 SUT with my Denon DL-103 cartridge that specs a 0.3mv output voltage. It's set at 1:10 step up ratio and works fine into my Audio Research SP8.
When using a SUT a bit of experimentation and other folks results is quite useful as a guide. Most folks settle on a 1:10 ratio for the DL-103. Seems to work quite well.
The AU-320 has two ratios, 1:10 and 1:36 with primary impedance of 40ohms and 3 ohms.When I get to Elliotts we can try both ratios but I suspect the 1:10 will work quite well. Simple flick of a switch. I would research and see what folks with that cartridge have settled on. It's the best place to start.

I was imagining infinite boost choices, like a volume dial, zero up to the units designed max.

hmmm, more to learn.
Pass Thru, Zero Boost Option?

Using my Rear Arm, changeable headshell, one din cable from tonearm

1. SUT boost of MC cartridge

2. switch to MM Mono cartridge, If SUT had a bypass, or zero boost, I wouldn't need to move wires.

Again, keep in mind that the higher the boost provided by a SUT the lower the number of ohms that will load the cartridge.

I don't know of any SUTs which provide a bypass function, although perhaps there are some.

-- Al
I definitely got your point about not over doing it, for this or any cartridge, I was just imagining a variable transformer, and a bypass would be easy to do wouldn't it?