Which Sunfire Sub for my Magnepan 1.6's

Which model sub do I want to use with these Maggies? What is the difference between the top of the line Signature with two woofers and the Signature Architectual model. Which model will best suit my needs ????????????? Help!!
Among the Sunfires, the Signature goes deepest and can provide the most volume. This may be more than you need to complement the Maggies for music. For home theater, they would be a good selection. I have two in my main system which does double duty for music and home theater. The Architecturals have a slightly more stylized cabinet and only the one low frequency driver, designed to be used in a front facing installation like an in-wall location. The regular Signature probably goes louder and maybe a little lower with the passive radiator working opposite the driver.

At the other end of the range, the True Sub Juniors don't really go all the way down with any real volume. They are often chosen for installations where size is the paramount consideration. I use one in my library, improperly located on a bookshelf (yeah, I know -- feh). They do ok with mid-bass material, where many listeners develop the impression of bass presence.

In the middle, the True Sub Mark IIs may be just the ticket to go with your Maggies. They go almost all the way down, beginning to taper off somewhat above the low end of the audible range, but not so that one might really notice with regular music. They should provide adequate volume to go with the Maggies, without overkill, for music material. They probably won't be quite satisfying for dinosaur footsteps, though. I have one in my sunroom system supplementing a pair of stand mounted monitors (no home theater). Good luck.
The true sub Mark IIs are now available as Mark IVs correct? It sounds like yo have allot of knowledge of Sunfires with all of your applications. You feel the Signature Architecturals would be over kill? I was under the impression that these were ideal for two channel systems. I value your suggestion and appreciate your knowledge too. Thanks..............
Sunfire is good for HT but for music get a sub which will more accurately define pitch anbd attackFor less than $1K used an REL Strata would be excellent.For $750 Vandersteen 2Qw.Both use multiple small drivers to get it's speed important when augmenting any musical speaker but especially maggies.Another good value is the larger driver (more trad size and shape) would be the Paradigm.I know everybodyis so damned oppiniated and to ignore your question with a different solution is obnxious butmy assumption is that with maggies you tend toward tunes and this concertning Sunfire,as amazing as they are what I've said is conventional wisdom.For HT I think the huge NHT
Sub 2i is a real value allowing for stereo bass reproductiom without buying two subs.
Check out the Virtual Bass Technologies at the link below. They have recieved a lot of good press when mating their subs with Maggies. They were at the CES show this month and several sites carried comments. The 6-moons site will be doing a review in short order and currently have comments on this sub posted on their website.

I am not pushing the VBT as I have not heard it however, I also have Maggies and my interest is perked by what I have read.

Typically, many think of Sunfire as a HT sub. Not true in the case of the Architectural series. I own the Architectural and love it. It's fast, great extension, extremely tight, very powerful, and small. It blends beautifully with my Revel M20s. It will be fast enough to keep up with your Maggies. You'll be very happy. happy listening, warren
The True Sub Mark IV is the current version of the Mark II. Sorry I'm a little out of date. In my opinion, the Architectural Signature might be a little more than you need, unless you're really into big bass. If you get it, you should certainly have the low end covered. Personally, I think its better placement flexibility (versus the driver/passive radiator regular version) can be a meaningful advantage depending on your room. If you later upgrade your main speakers, you might feel good about not having to upgrade your sub.

I have found that a good number of Audiogon posters prefer REL subwoofers, generally described as more tuneful -- better able to distinguish different bass frequencies. I once had a REL Strata II which was OK but didn't bowl me over. I am told that the quality steps are large between REL products, and the bigger ones are much better.

To me the Sunfires sound good, within the parameters I described above. I haven't really found them to be afflicted with rubbery, boomy resonances, as some others have complained. Perhaps room and placement are big factors here.

I like Bob Carver as a designer. As you may know, Bob has been controversial in high end circles for decades, beginning with his "Carver Challenge" in early Stereophile pages. I think he has gotten better over time. I regard the Sunfire subwoofers as cool products that are manifestations of at least two novel technological advances (in drivers and in amps), although copycats (or OEMs?) have appeared in recent years. For what it's worth, the Sunfires have received generally (if not unanimously) favorable reviews in the audio press. Good luck.
Why don't you consider the REL line of subs the strata and storm are excellent subs and mate quite well with the maggies.
You should consider the Art of Sound Tycus sub. Very fast, detailed, and it goes low. I went from Dunlavy SC-IVs to Dunlavy SC-Is with the Tycus. Big improvement not only in the bass but mid-bass and mid-range.
WOW !!!! All of you have really given me ALLOT to consider. This may be just as bad as picking out a new car !!! Ok I'm not 100% sold on Sunfire. But I like what I read about Sunfire. I will research REL line and check teh other suggested products too. Dam this is great stuff !!! Want to know what works? Just ask and your answer will be in plain print!!!! Thanks to ALL of you...................
If you can find a Muse 18 ( last made in 1996 ) you will like it's speed that is needed to keep up with you'r Magnepan. There a two 10 inch driver push pull sub self powered and will be at a good price. it is what I use with my Tympanis 1D Good luck! Chuck
I would recommend the Sunfire Signature subwoofer.
Contrary to the negative propaganda, properly configured Sunfire Signature subs are very musical. I am using a stereo pair with MG 3.5/R with excellent results. The blend is seamless. The bass is fast, smooth and effortless, defined and tight (no trace of "boominess")

For best results, you should try to keep the Sunfire away from room boundaries (contrary to sunfire's recommendation, the sub has too much output and can sound "boomy" when placed in corners). Try to be easy on the volume control (keep as low as possible) and use the Phase adjustment for proper blending.