Which subs to consider with my setup?

I have an Onkyo tx-nr 818 receiver and vienna acoustics Bach grand speakers rated at 35-20000 hz. My room is 22.5 ft by 22 ft with 12 ft ceilings.

We do music and movies pretty equally but want to optimize for music listening and appreciate quality sound reproduction.

Could you make some recommendations of which subs to consider that have phase control switches built in?

We were starting to look at svs, Velodyne, and REL brands but could use some guidance to narrow the search
Hsu research. Musical powerful affordable.
I like Vandersteen subs, but they're not as small as some people would like.
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How much can you spend for a sub or subs? Your room is pretty large so you will need a pretty large and powerful sub with at least a 13 inch woofer to really charge that room.

I recently added an SVS SB13 Plus(95% same as SB13 Ultra) to my existing Revel B15 in my 6000+ cubic feet room and now I can honestly say my room is pressurized. If budget permits, dual SVS SB13 Ultras would be perfect in your room, IMO. A single SVS PB13 Ultra would work also.

I can afford up to $1500 but would prefer to stay sub $1k if possible and get what I need. Hope that helps...

Which HSU model(s) would you consider?
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