Which Sub breaks the house down??

I mean eartquake quality!!!
Help me out??
Wilson Watch Dog or XS. The XS is a money no issue sub.
I just built a new sub that literally rattles the siding on my house. It houses three 12 inch woofers in a 7.5 cubic foot ported enclosure, I call it: TK-421. It is so loud it knocked a glass off of my bar(the glass did not break, thank god riedel crystal is expensive) I can send you info for building it. I have no more then $1000 into seperate amp and sub enclosure. Good luck and I hope you rattle the house down :-)
Isnt TK-421 The disignation of the storm trooper whose armor luke took over on the death star? I dont know why I know that.
The Earthquake Supernova series is very strong for home theater. I had one prior to my four tens and it was the loudest home subwoofer I had ever heard.
The sunfire line is a good value for loosening teeth without having to build. They also have the benefit of being reasonably small.
The Velodyne 18" subs will do a pretty good job of loosening your dental fillings, as will the large REL subs.
Sounds like you need to look at the Earthquake sub lineup.
I think you are right Perfectimage, but I was using it in reference to the Boogie Nights TK-421. The Star Wars thing is a nice touch too.
There is a new sub on the market that is exactly what you want. It is made by a company called Legacy, which only sells direct to the consumer (with a 30 day money back guarantee). This sub is just incredible. It has a 1000 watt internal amplifier and 2!!, 15 inch massivly magneted, custom made carbon fiber woofers, which have over 2 inches of distortion free linear throw each (FYI: this particular specification is very rare in the sub design world).
How serious is this sub? Well, my room has 22 foot ceilings and is 16 x 28, yet this sub shakes the living hell out of everything, if I dare to have it at full volume. Additionaly, my doctor neighbor has a dedicated home theater that cost him well over $100k to assemble. He went all out, or so he thought so. He purchased the 2 most expensive Velodynes out there, so he could get that "breaks down the house" bass. Guess what, his system is nowhere near what mine is, when it comes to earth shattering bass. He came over to my house to poo poo my rather meak system, after I had assembled it (around $12k for everything). Then was so embarrased that my system could do something his couldn't, he immediately bought a third Velodyne!. Unfortunately, many of my neighbors still think my system has an edge over his, when it comes to that "room shakin" bass quality. Maybe he'll get smart and just go buy one of these Legacys. (I doubt it though. He has talked too much about how smart he is, in terms of his equipment choices). The funniest thing about this scenario is that he no longer invites me over to his house to watch movies. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live with my "meager" home theater system.
I agree with M&K for a resonably priced, awesome sub. The MX5000 is IMHO one of the best at any price range for HT use. Also check out the MX-350 at 1/2 the price.