Which stereo SACD's do you recommend?

I recently bought a Marantz 8001 here on A'gon, and am looking for SACD recommendations. Since the 8001 is a stereo only version, do I need to find stereo SACD's or will the multi-channel SACD's work just as well? Do all multi-channel SACD's also have a stereo SACD version on them? I don't plan on going multi-channel for my audio listening. I like jazz, classical, vocals, acoustic. I just bought the Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" SACD and it has SACD multi-channel, SACD stereo (what I need) and plain ol' Redbook CD all on one disc. It sounds fantastic to me in SACD. What other SACD's would you recommend?
you didn't say what genres you prefer, but sticking with rock, Elton John "Madman Across the Water" is great.
Jorma Kaukonen "Blue Country Heart" is incredible musically and sonically, if you like acoustic guitar music.
"Let it Bleed" is awfully good.
steve earles guitar town sounds great
Some of these are SACD layer only (will not play in a regular CD player). Mono, Stereo, or Multichannel SACD versions will not affect play in your system. You should be connecting the Marantz using the 2 channel out jacks in any event.

Here are 14 to get you started ...

Blood Sweat & Tears "Blood Sweat & Tears" - the group's second album with 'You Made Me So Very Happy' on it.
Santana - "Abraxas"
Mark O'Conner "In Full Swing"
Elton John - "Elton John", "Madman Across the Water"
Rolling Stones - "Let It Bleed"
David Bowie - "Ziggy Stardust"
Louis Armstrong - "Plays Fats Waller", "Plays WC Handy"
The Thorns
Muddy Waters "Folk Singer"
David Johanssen and the Harry Smiths
Bob Dylan - "Nashville Skyline", "Blood on the Tracks"


Favorites from my personal collection:

Peter Gabriel--Up
Alison Kraus & Union Station--New Favorites
Beck--Sea Change
Edgar Winter Group--They Only Come Out at Night (if you're old like me).
Anthony Wilson Nonet--The Power of Nine

I listen to all of these in SACD stereo mode. All are terrific.
Favorites from several genres:
Many of the Miles Davis SACDs are good (ditto for Thelonius Monk & Coltrane SACDs),
Issues from Analogue Productions - especially Bill Evans albums,
There are several Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington SACDs - haven't heard a bad one yet,
Hiromi Uehara - excellent piano playing (even better live)

I think many of the Living Presence discs are quite good - and cheap - and especially good value are the Janos Starker Bach Cello Suites and Dvorak Cello Concertos,
Peter Wispelwey playing cello on Channel Classics discs (several, but I particularly like the Britten),
Many things on the "bis" label - I can recommend the Hardenberger & Preston French Music for Trumpet and Organ,
Glenn Gould - Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites,
there is some good Murray Perahia on Sony as well.

Eric Bibb's discs (several)
Yo-Yo-Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor - Appalachian Journey
Also some Blues discs on Analogue Productions - some are very good,
also Keb' Mo
"Avalon" from Roxy Music is great in sacd; stereo and multi-chanel.
"Blood on the Tracks" Bob Dylan
"Let It Bleed" Rolling Stones
All of the Dylan stuff that I've bought in sacd is great.
Some older Stones stuff evidences distortion in the recordings that I'm not crazy about.
the Elton John sacd's are also of excellent quality.
See the September issue of TAS.