Which stereo amp to try under $30k

Having just made several upgrades to my system, it's now time for the amp. Given the number of amps in the 15-30k range, I'm guessing many of you have experiences with them. To get started, I'll tell you my (1) my guidance (2) my current list of options (3) My current setup. Looking forward to getting more options on my list, as I'd like to pull the trigger in about 2 months and need to start listening.

My Guidance
- Under $30k
- I need to be able to hear the amp before purchase, preferably at a local shop (SF Bay Area)
- New or used ok
- Large sound stage
- Bass
- More Bass... all the bass
- Very much prefer stereo to fit in my rack. I have small children and not enough room for monos.
- Prefer not tubes (already have a tube line stage - too hot for small children and don't fit in rack)
- I'm ok with a colored sound. Prefer musicality and realism over "accuracy" or "neutrality"
- Needs an absolute minimum of 150W based on how loud I listen
- 15/20A or something I can plug into a regular wall outlet

My Current List of options
- Luxman M900u (current top of list)
- Ayre VX-R Twenty
- Pass Labs XA160.8 (doesn't meet all of my guidance)
- Boulder 2160 (a little above budget)
- Audio Research 160S (doesn't meet all of my guidance)

My Current Setup
- AMG Viella Turbo Turntable w/ Koetsu Onyx Platinum Cartridge
- Boulder 508 Phono Stage
- Mytek Manhattan II DAC (next upgrade after the amp - maybe a dCS Bartok?)
- Audio Research Reference 6 line stage
- McIntosh MC452 power amplifier
- B&W 802D3 speakers
- AudioQuest and Nordost cabling or a Symposium Osiris rack

What I listen to: Anything from the 60s on vinyl, some things from the 70s on vinyl. A lot of large orchestral and jazz, also a fair amount of pop, from any decade, on vinyl and digital. Thanks for reading my long post! I'll keep this thread updated with amps I hear. Lots of great shops in the area. My two favorites are The Analog Room in Campbell and Music Lovers Audio in Oakland and SF.
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@mayoradamwest PM me if you’re interested, I have the Pass XA60.8 monos and live in the Bay Area. They’re not the 160.8 but will give you a taste of the Pass sound. However, as you’ve noted they don’t fit your guidance...they do get warm (especially in the Summer months) and cannot be placed in racks. But the sound is just incredible. BTW I have small children too but they’ve been trained to stay away :)

Another option is reach out to Mark Sammut at Reno Hifi, and he can arrange to ship you the 160.8 to demo in your house. Mark is great to work with!
I will throw my .02 here. I sold Hi end audio for about 15 yrs, swimming in this dollar pond for an amp, there is only one thing to do. One MUST hear the prospective amp in their house, in their system.

Going to a shop to "hear an amp" that has 20+ variables....room...other equipment, cables etc is MOOT and will tell you NOTHING.

You have nice gear and speakers certainly worthy of a top amp.
Just gotta hear it.....at home.
Totally agree with the last post by superhonestben.  How in the heck are you supposed to tell what a particular piece of gear is doing in a totally different system? How do you not know it's the DAC or the preamp or cables that are creating the magic?   I've really never understood this at all.  
The right amplifier in a system is so specific to the particular system matching and personal taste that it is almost impossible to make meaningful recommendations except for the purpose of establishing a list of candidates.  It would not make that much sense to go to a shop to listen to a candidate either.  To me, the best approach is to work with a small number of dealers who are willing to let you audition amps in your own system.  That might mean a large deposit or "buying" the amp with a return allowed (perhaps with a re-stocking fee).  Of course this would limit your auditions to only a few models, but, at least you are assured of liking what you purchase.