Which stand would best for tube mono amps? Sistrum

Which would be best? Sistrum SP-101 or SRA V 3.0 for ARC VTM 200 amps.

System-Cat Sign 111, Apogee Divas, Purist Dominus ferox, Cardas G R, V D Cables & Wadia Digital. Thanks for any suggestions.
Coacher, I can't answer you about the difference in the two platforms you've specified, but I can highly recommend the Walker Audio amp stands.

Dave Robinson gave them a Brutus Award in Positive-Feedback Online in 2005 and 2006 (and continues to rave about them) and his comments match what I hear with them under my Atma-Sphere MA-2 amps:

Another winner from Walker Audio: the Prologue Reference Amp Stands and their associated Valid Point Tuning Discs have become absolutely indispensable to me. The sonic qualities that set the Prologue Amp Stands apart are the detail, quickness, and sense of spaciousness that they impart to components placed on them. Tubed and hybrid amplifiers definitely benefit from being mated with the Walker Audio Prologue stands. This doesn't surprise me; both Lloyd Walker and Fred Law are big fans of tubes in just about everything except phono amps. I would expect this to be reflected in their approach to amplifier stands—and it is.

Similar results are reported in the Six Moons review of October 2006.
Coacher a wood base stand that outperform a Sistrum 101.
(Come On) I`ve not heard one yet.Do a search here on Audiogon for Sistrum and the Walker stand.You will see.
There is vert little difference between Walker/Mapleshade isolation. The main difference is Walker wants 3x the $$$. Both are overhyped and pale in comparison to the HRS M3 and even the Sistrum products.

Go with the SP-101 for $550.00 used.