which SS power amp for CAT SL1 Renaissance

Which SS power amp for Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Renaissance preamplifier.

To be mated with Harbeth super HL 5

Masilu, I use a Jeff Rowland model 8 with choke with my modded CAT Sig. Works like, and sounds like, they were made for each other. You might try one of Jeff's newer amps...the 625, or better still-- and depending on budget, the 825.
IMHO, Jeff makes some of the very best ss amps around, like Ken makes some of the best tube preamps. A great match-up IMO.
Albarry M1108 monoamplifiers.
Rowlands are very nice but so is Ayre
Unless the CAT had an extravagantly high output impedance, there should be no issue for it to drive a Rowland M625 (10K Ohms input), or an M825 (40K Ohm input).

I have owned the M625 and now own the M925--M825's mono brother... DaveyF is correct... While M625 is a great amp, M825's price difference is more than congruent with the staggering musical performance delivered by M825/M925.