Which SS integrated amp to choose?

Guys, will appreciate your recommendations for a good sounding second-hand SS integrated amp with output power 100-150 w (at 8 ohm), weight up to 30 kg, budget up to 4K, age starting around 2000. My list now includes Gryphon (Atilla, Callisto 2100/2200), PassLabs INT150, Luxman 507/509. Not on my list are Hegel, Accuphase, Parasound, Marantz. Looking for balanced, on a warmer side, detailed, open, full bodied sound at my SF Guarneri speakers (86 dB, 6 Ohm). Feel free just to name the option or suggest yours. Thanks!
Naim SuperNait 3....even has a phono stage :)
Had the ML 5805 here for an audition- not for me. 
The Naim will pair well with your SF speakers.
Yamaha AS3000 integrated fits most of your parameters. Wonderful sounding integrated amp and superb build quality.
I own a Pass INT 150 and love it. It drives everything easily and operates in class A the first few watts.
Have a look at Marantz PM10 which doesnt get much love and I can't understand  why.   Makes no sense, it's really good. For the prices you can buy used it is crazy good.  Been running it for two months and I am very impressed.  Love the class D, no heat, very detailed and smooth at the same time.  Great transparency and thunderous bass.  It is really good.
The Newer versions of the Coda CSIB fit the bill quite nicely