Which SS integrated amp to choose?

Guys, will appreciate your recommendations for a good sounding second-hand SS integrated amp with output power 100-150 w (at 8 ohm), weight up to 30 kg, budget up to 4K, age starting around 2000. My list now includes Gryphon (Atilla, Callisto 2100/2200), PassLabs INT150, Luxman 507/509. Not on my list are Hegel, Accuphase, Parasound, Marantz. Looking for balanced, on a warmer side, detailed, open, full bodied sound at my SF Guarneri speakers (86 dB, 6 Ohm). Feel free just to name the option or suggest yours. Thanks!

     I don’t own one but extensively heard the Mark Levinson 5805 integrated at a local hi-end shop driving both Magico and Sonus Faber speakers. It sounded so good that I bought a fairly expensive pre-owned ML 326S preamp just to try and capture some of the 5805's excellent qualities in my system, I was told the 5805 basically incorporated the 326S as its preamp section. It worked like a charm even though I use high powered class D mono-block amps and Magnepan 3.7i speakers in my system.
     The main qualities I was attracted to were the 5805’s very well defined 3 dimensional soundstage it presented, its high levels of neutrality and detail along with its palpable and natural perception that the musicians were in the room, or being transported to the venue, depending on the recording. 
     However, it may not be warm enough for your tastes and pre-owned prices are likely well beyond $2K. But it matches your power and weight requirements and it sounds spectacular.

You should take a look at the Aesthetic Mimas. It's the most musical integrated amplifier I have ever heard. I liked it much better than the Luxman with my speakers, Harbeth Super HL5+. You should try to hear it with your speakers though. Good Luck!
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the Mimas is a hybrid amplifier with a single tube for each channel. Based on your original post, this may not be an option for you.
buy pre-owned

my choice ...REGA OSIRIS integrated amp rules ..
my 2nd choice .... LFD LFD NCSE II Integrated Amplifier

i’d try to stretch to a mint condition ML 585 for 6-7k. A true high end product and extreme value. Has a great dac built in also. 
ML 585 over the ML 5000 series. I think I liked it more than the Luxman 509x. Though that was 12 months ago, but I do recall thinking the ML 585 was the best integrated I heard.

Today, if I were to look at integrateds, I would audition the Hegel 390.
Naim SuperNait 3....even has a phono stage :)
Had the ML 5805 here for an audition- not for me. 
The Naim will pair well with your SF speakers.
Yamaha AS3000 integrated fits most of your parameters. Wonderful sounding integrated amp and superb build quality.
I own a Pass INT 150 and love it. It drives everything easily and operates in class A the first few watts.
Have a look at Marantz PM10 which doesnt get much love and I can't understand  why.   Makes no sense, it's really good. For the prices you can buy used it is crazy good.  Been running it for two months and I am very impressed.  Love the class D, no heat, very detailed and smooth at the same time.  Great transparency and thunderous bass.  It is really good.
Take a look/listen to BAT VK3000SE.  It meets your requirements except for two tubes on the input side.  I use mine with Sonus Faber Cremona floorstanders.  It outperforms my prior integrated, a Hegel H200, and performs well compared to my previous separates including Pass, ARC and Pass Labs.  Music Direct carries them as I believe they took a financial interest in the company a few years back.
Thank you all so much! With your help I've got few important ideas for my search and models to look for and listen. But I'm still wondering if anyone has experience with mentioned Gryphon models? There are few realistic reviews of Diablo's, but not so much about Atilla and Callisto, plus the fact that Gryphon name itself is somehow mystic meaning that all references are great, but mostly from reviewers...
Sorry guys, to be fair there is a lot about Gryphons here, so I have to do my homework first :)
I don’t believe you are going to find many of these amps second hand for 4K. I’m amp testing right now. I heard the Hegel 390. It ticks all your boxes. 6k new. I’m hearing the Mark Levinson 5805 and the Krell 300i today. Those would have to be 50% off the new price to be 4k. Gryphon? Good luck. Pass INT60 is 11k new. Luman 507 a possibility and a nice amp. Accuphase was too polite for my taste and Mac is not not warm and super open, at least in your price range. Parasound and Unico Research meet your requirements from what I’ve read but not heard them.

apanhc OP

Gryphon Integrated Diablo 120 or 300 if you can stretch it, you won’t look back with either of those driving the SF Guarneri, and they’ll drive anything in the future if you ever go bigger with the speakers.

Diablo 120 https://6moons.com/audioreviews/gryphon/hero.jpg

Diablo 300 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2788/2378/products/0_0_0_0_70__Reviews_ScreenShot03338_1024x1024.j...

Cheers George

Here is my problem with Pass Labs, I think they make some of the best sounding, most reliable amps out there, that will also drive 90% of all speakers and they remain very musical while doing so, but, after owning their XP20 and XP30 preamps for 2 years each, I find their preamps are just mediocre at best. I would try to find a good used XA30.8 because it’s a giant killer and save up more money for a good tube preamp. You will be so happy you did. Good luck!