Which SS amp with the Jolida Music Envoy?

I'm looking for an amp that will work with the Jolida. My current amp is not compatible and I would like some info from folks that have used or are currently using the Jolida.

My speakers are 89db efficient, and I'm looking to spend less than $1K. The Jolida has a 600 ohm output impedance.

I thank you in advance.
Emotiva XPA-2 or XPA-200 ordered and shipped direct from Emotiva. Includes 5 year warranty.

I recently purchased the smaller XPA-200 to be used to power a pair of home brew passive Usher subs. I paid $419 shipped - via their holiday sale. I'm amazed they can produce such a great product given the price.
Can you explain what you mean when you say not compatible?
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Tube pre, SS amp incompatibility, which amp 2 use?