Which SR Blue or black Fuse

Which SR Blue fuse for ARC REF 5SE? It says 5A slo/blo 250V on the fuse but no size MM?any help? Anyone had any experience with either fuse and what was the result.
Geoffy said:

Why is it we oft see the ones who complain about name calling the most are the first to call names when the opportunity arises?

Really Geoffy? Rpt Really Geoffy? How ironic you read your message of indignation on that subject. Disingenuous much? - don’t bother answering, the question is rehetorical. 
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Oh, geez, not more angst ridden emotional diatribes 😫 from naysayers who can’t seem to come up with a single coherent counter-argument to the questions, (1) why are aftermarket fuses better than stock fuses?, (2) why are some aftermarket fuses better than others? or (3) why are fuses directional? One assumes the naysayers and self-appointed science defenders just like to hear themselves talk. Talking the talk but not walking the walk.
Oh Geoffy, everyone knows stock fuses are superior to boutique fuses.