Which Speakers would you buy

Canton ref 5.2 DC or Audio Physic Avanti 3
So do I jump in here and answer your basic question "honestly" or do I do so only within the confines of "personal experience" with these two options? Here's both answers, honestly:

1) I do not have any experience with these speakers and would not consider them unless they were my only options.

2) I would choose either Vandersteen or Thiel if I were in the market for new speakers.

Apologies if I jumped in here but was not considered to be qualified to answer.
Why would you want someone to choose your speakers for you anyway? Just curious.
I'm with Tpreaves.

Cos I'd choose 'neither'.
Stevecham,no need to apologize,and Tpreaves, I'm just looking for opinions and experiences. I have bought all my equipment on Adiogon without ever hearing it based on others reviews/opinions because you can't always audition used equipment and it's worked out great! Currently I have Acoustic Zen Adagios driven by Nuforce ref9 v3se with a TRL modified Sony cd and in the past I had Silverline preludes (which are great speakers for there size),Musical Fidelity A5, and more all from reviews,professional or not.
I have heard The Avanti 3 a few times in different settings. My impression is that it sounds fast and immediate, particularly in bass. Musicians sounded like they had put in extra effort in playing. Drummers seemed like a 300 pounder and hitting with all his might. It could be exciting for rock, jazz, and big band. But at the end only you can tell if it is your cup of tea.

I have not heard the Canton.
Tpreaves would choose Tyler acoustics, if he was himself!
I have not heard the Audio Physic speakers. I have heard the Ref. 5 speakers. You will find them to be fast and refined. They reminded me of my Silverline Bolero speakers - very capable, maybe a little laid back, very refined. I would certainly consider them if I were auditioning speakers.
Yes, I would and did !!!!!!
I have owned and enjoyed a lower priced model in the Audio Physic line, the Tempo 3's and truly enjoyed them. AP's have a well deserved reputation for disappearing as a sound source and I will support that claim based on my experience...they also claim "No loss of fine detail" and that is true as well.I had moved from Martin Logan Aerius i's at the time and felt the openness and transparency of the Tempos did not make me seriously miss those aspects while adding the benefits of dynamic drivers (more punch/dynamics/bass and "meat on the bones".A really well rounded speaker. Personally I use only tube amps and had my perfectly matched for the Tempos VTL MB-125 monos (EL-34's) into them...and it was sublime. Some solid state may likely be too much...just my 2 cents.I would imagine the Avantis would be a formidable speaker, especially if you want an "engaging" event. Good luck . Don't know the others you speak of...but Audio Physics are very very nice speakers. Oh yes, absolutely amazing soundstaging width, depth, and image placement. Really.