Which speakers would be a perfect match?

I currently own a pair of Mirage 760s and for my rear I have Mirage 460s. They are powered by 2 Bryston 3Bs. The preamp is a Nakamichi CA-7A.. All of this makes for a beautiful system and sound. The CA-7A being very warm sounding and the 3Bs being very accurate and precise (some say bright) coupled with the dark and laid back sound of the 760s and 460s all makes for a really great sound. Very listenable, non-fatiguing, beautifull sound.

Question is...What would be a good speaker that would match well with the Brystons, given there extreeme accurateness tendance to open up a speaker to its full potential.

FYI - $2500 is the range I am looking at..
Your taste in equipment is far from mine but I still want to recomend B&W 805 for those Brightstons-just kidding but I just think it would be a great match and you would be very happy with them as far as sound and build quality goes vs. the Mirage line. Normaly I would not recomend B&W as I prefer tubes but see what you think,good luck.
You must check out PMC speakers.
PMCs are wonderfull speakers. I won't part with my IB1s