Which speakers work close to back wall?


I have placement issues and need a speaker that works well being placed relatively close to the back wall. I know the Linn models do (such as the Ninka and even the Espek) and I know the Totem Arro does. I would like to know if there are any other models up to the $3,000 price point that I should consider. Thanks.
Spendor S 3/5, and the Harbeth HL-P3es2 would make excellent
choices for your needs. Both sound very musical and depending on your equipment/musical preferences/room dimensions one of these loudspeakers should suit you well.
I haven't kept up on their current models in that price range, but Mission speakers always worked well near the back wall. They actually recommended 8" on my old Mission 752's and 753's, 751's, etc.
Come to think of it...my Merlin VSM-M's are front-ported and also work well near the rear wall. I normally keep them about 5' out, but occasionally push them back to 18"-24" when guests stay over. The bass does increase some and there is some loss of depth, but they still sound surprisingly good. I think their TSM stand-mounts would also qualify.
Reference 3A's. Several reviewers have listened to different models near the backwall with minimal detrimental effects and give them the thumbs up. Good luck!
Egglestonworks speakers were designed to go near the back wall.
Some good NHT models are designed to be placed near or even against the wall behind them. Good Luck. Craig
The Gradient Revolution with its dipole bass module (which can be oriented for best sound in-room) and cardioid mid/tweet module (which minimizes reflections off the "front" wall) was designed from the outset to work well close to one wall (but not in a corner). The Revolution is a most intelligent design, as it genuinely does minimize the room's influence on the sound. I could talk your ears off about 'em.

The Gradient Evidence uses a more conventional bass loading, but is deliberately voiced to sound good up against a wall, as such placement is often imposed on speakers by the smaller homes of Finland and neighboring European nations. The Revolution busts your budget, but the Evidence doesn't.

I find the Gradients to be extremely well thought-out and nicely voiced. You can read more at www.gradient.fi.

Yup, I sell 'em.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I offer in-home auditions.

Best of luck to you in your quest!

Audio Note speakers are designed to be close to the back wall and in corners. Little known but some of the best speakers around. They have them from $2500 to $20,000 and will soon come out with one at $100,000.
Audio Note speakers are designed to be placed in a corner or 2-6" from back wall. I prefer tham out a little farther than spec. as I prefer a little more depth. 95 db efficent. Sound glorious also. Find a dealer near you and listen. They are incredible.
I'll second Garfish's comment re: NHT.

No offense to other posters, but most if not all of said speakers sound best further away from the front wall - in most cases several feet. NHT 3.3's were designed to be within 2" of the front wall. In fact they need to be this close in order to produce proper bass response. This said, the dimensions of the speaker mean that it might as well be 3' into the room. - Like a mini-monitor on a stand the mid/tweeter sections end up positioned 30" out in the room.

NHT 3.3's are very narrow (7"), ridiculously deep (28") and an absolute BEAR to move. Each monolithic cabinet weighs 123lbs, has many sharp edges, and must be slid around on it's aluminum pontoons in order to truly fine-tune the position - not the easiest task for 1 person!

Once properly positioned they are very capable speakers, producing prodigious bass & very satisfying mids/highs. But be warned there’s no candy coating – just the recording, be it bad or good.

If going the 3.3 route take caution in selecting electronics & cables as 3.3's can sound shrill with mis-matched components or under amplification… usually 200-300 quality watts of SS power or beefy tube amps only IMHO.

With adequate amplification & well matched /quality electronics you will be aurally rewarded with sound that rivals speakers costing many thousands more.

Good Luck with your search
The PSB Straus Goldi's retail for $2700 and are well worth that price (although you can find them chepaer new and, of course much cheaper used). PSB recommends at least 3 inches from the back wall and they WILL sound good placed that close. However, I have them about 4 feet out and they sound great.
Placement has been a major problem for me - solved with Arros in my living room (HT), Linn Tukans (home office), and I'm waiting for a pair of Merlin TSM-Ms (on the way...) for my "office" office... (Little kids, WAF, and/or not enough room to keep speakers away from the wall). Can't comment on the Merlins yet (I'm hopeful), but can highly recommend the Tukans (despite the relatively low cost, with a subwoofer, I think the Tukans are amazingly good). The Arros sound great, and rate well on the WAF scale (replaced Vandersteens which, I was informed, were "incompatible" with the decor...) Good luck.