which speakers, under $2K used?

I'd like to upgrade my current speakers, a pair of Quad 11L mini-monitors. I'm happy with them, but I think I can get even higher performance. I'm using a Unico amp, MMF-5 turntable with Monolithic amp, and a Sony SCD-777. I'd like to keep the price under $2K and here's what I've narrowed my selections down to:

Joseph Audio RM22si
Joseph Audio RM7si
Spendor 3/1P
Sonus Faber Concerto Home
Sonus Faber Signum.

My room is medium-small and I play varied music (from rock to classical). Qualities in music that's the most important to me are: a wide soundstage, a sweet midrange, and a nice holographic sound. Your thoughts?
Deepseed, consider this: the price you're alotting for speakers does not appear to have the monitor stands figured into the equation. This is a very major ($) wise factor and sound factor, as well. Stands are a fundemental extension of your speakers. Think about this, when figuring out your budget. Hey, I own the M20s listing for about $2k. I spent $1000 on my stands. Read my review. You, certainly, don't have to go that way, but great stands (and there aren't many) are not cheap or easy to find used. FWIW: Starsound Technologies, where I bought my speakers, has a new, less expensive monitor stand that is gorgeous,very different and amazing in its' resonance transferring abilities. Call Robert, over there. He be da man. You're on your way. peace, warren
listen to the totem model 1's, hawk, or forest speakers. I auditioned the speakers that you listed above (except for the spendor's) and purchased the totems. Very musical. If you want a larger floorstanding speaker, listen to the Revel Performa F30. IMO not as musical as the totems but will fill a larger room for rock music.
B&W CDM-1 (SE or NT version, as you prefer), with a REL subwoofer. Used, you can get all for under 2K. Or just try a REL with your Quads.
The only speakers on your list I have had experience with our the Sonus Fabers - I would look at the original Concerto versus the Concerto Homes. You would lose a little bass, but in a small room this would probably be better and the midrange and top end on the original Concertos outclasses the Homes in my book. I think the Totem Hawks might be a good option as well, though I have only listened to them a few times.
Thanks for the responses, they're much appreciated. I'll have to research the Totem line... I forgot to mention that I am currently using an REL sub, which I would recommend for all monitor owners looking for extended bass.
And what about Harbeths? Their Compact 7's seem worthy of consideration.
I strongly agree with shigojw: the homes are not in the same league for 2 channel use as their predecessors. I might also add Silverline SR17's to the list.
deepseed, i am currently using the totem model 1's with a rel strata III sub in a 13x13x9 room for 2 channel listening. nice combination. if you already have a sub, try to listening to the totem model 1's, and totem tabu monitors.
von schweikert VR 4 mk ii or vr 4.5
absolutely seamless presentation, disappear in room
You might want to look into the Dave Ellis 1801 or the Jim Salk Verity monitors. These are custom made of gorgeous woods with award-winning drivers. I'm having Jim Salk build me a custom sealed pair of Ellis 1801s than will fit seamlessly with a VBT Magellan VIII subwoofer. Good luck!