Which Speakers to use with a Shanling - MC-30

I'm intertaining the idea of getting a Shanling - MC-30.
My concern is that it outputs only 3 watts of power. What
would you recommend as a good monitor speaker that would
work in a average size living room. 16' by 12'

thanks for any advice
I don't know of any monitors that can cut it on 3 watts. Floorstanding Klipsch or Coincident may work.
The Audio Note HE's (high efficiency) will work. Probably some of the single driver speakers will. You might ask audio advisor for suggestions I believe they sell the the Shanling. You probably could do a search on speakers people are using with 2A3 amps they are very low power.
I don't know your price range but Sonist Concerto 2 would work. Price is $2500.00 and then you would need stands.
Something to check out.
I think a pair of Reference 3A MM DeCapos would be a good choice. I had a pair in a slightly smaller room and they were very good on 3.5 watts/channel. The Coincident UHS series may work well too. It's really going to depend on the listening volume and your choice in music. Large scale classical may be an issue unless you go with a super efficient speaker, which typically means a large floorstander....

Older Klipsch the Khorns cost too much but the Belle and Lascala are very very efficient. I bought mine after auditioining them on a 2A3 2 or 3 watt amp. You can get a pair of either these 2 used for $750-$!200. They will play very loudly with your amp and certainly fill the room. Otherwise get those things Musical Fidelity refuses to call amps they are Superchargers! They deliver 500 or 750 watts of power without touching the original signal and not even being an amplifier. They may be more than you want to pay but MF seems to want them sold so you never know.
I've said before and I'll say it again, buy amps for speakers, not speakers for amps.
I ran a MC-30 with with some Omegas and Cain & Cain Abbys and enjoyed the combos. They are mid 90's db and have no crossover which 3 watts will love. Price point is in line with the amp.
I think I'll re-think my Shanling idea. Unsound, your absolutely right.
Thanks guys.
Check out Fritzpeakers or maybe Tekton Design. I think they're very efficient speakers.I thought about that combo a while back and ended up cleaning up my old Marantz 2226 to use with a tube cdp. haven't gottem the speakers yet though.