Which speakers mate with McCormack Dna 1

Which speakers in the $2 to $3k range will mate best with my McCormack DNA 1 revision A amp. I currently have audio physic sparks floorstanders. They have everything right except for the midrange is too dry. Steve you out there?
Here's Steve:
Von Schweikert

You may consider Harbeth. I had the DNA-1 Rev. A powering the M30's. Very well balanced from top to bottom, and a smooth midrange. It's a combo that's very hard to beat at this price, especially for vocals and jazz.

Also, there are still additional upgrades offered by Steve for the DNAs, he may be able to better advise on the sonic virtues of each. btw, I found the DNA-1 Rev A t be on the warm side, which mated well with the M30 monitors. My pre-amp was a MAP-1 at the time.

Good luck.


I have a DNA-1 with Gold + mods and mated it with the following speakers:
B & W 801
Rogers LS 3/5a's (15 amp)
Harbeth 7es-3
Meadowlark Blue Heron II
Merlin VSM-MXE

It drove al without problem; provided the rather difficult Roger's with more depth and broad soundstage than my other amps, but the best synergy is the Merlin's. With a tube peramp (in my case Art Audio Gill Alana), the musicality and enjoyment was palpable. Others may work as well, but this is where I would go.
Petek, I never considered the McCormack amps to sound "warm".
Thanks for your ideas guys!!!
Dynaudio S 1.4 Contour are an excellent choice with McCormack amps also mate well with Sim Audio. I have used both with the Dyns. Very musical with great dynamics.
Harbeths are quite good with the Mc, as well as Spendors. Anything warm is very good w/ the Mcs.