Which speakers have the biggest soundstage

Hi all, I'm using a Cary sli-80 integrated amp with 40w. I want to upgrade my speakers. All I'm looking for is a huge 3D dimension but nothing else. Which brand would you choose from? My price range is within $3500 used and at least 92 sensitivity
i've run Coincident Partial Eclipse II's w/a sli-80 for over 5 yrs now w/out any desire to upgrade...good luck
Soundstage is a function of the acoustical interaction between the speakers' dispersion, room reflections and placement.

I have found that dipole or omnidirectional speakers provide the biggest soundstage. Front wall to speaker distance affects the depth¬óminimum 3 feet, preferably around 4-5 feet. Pulling your speakers out from the front wall also increases the ratio of direct to reflected sound, a secondary benefit.
Ojgalli, Speakers, dispersion, room reflections and placement mean nothing without the proper electronics.

Amplifiers, preamps and source components play a huge role in the presentation.
Ojgalli is right but there is even more to say. Soundstage is not a function of the speaker alone. Setup is critical of course. Monoblock amplification has given me a bigger soundstage, and so has conditioning the AC power.