Which speakers have the biggest soundstage

Hi all, I'm using a Cary sli-80 integrated amp with 40w. I want to upgrade my speakers. All I'm looking for is a huge 3D dimension but nothing else. Which brand would you choose from? My price range is within $3500 used and at least 92 sensitivity
I agree with the two above. I slightly prefer the sound of the SHL5s and they dont need to be in the corners to get there best bass.
The speakers that are set up correctly and use both tube preamps and tubed power amps for electronics. I found the tubed power amps have by far the biggest effect on soundstage then the input tube on your pre. I know some will claim otherwise but if you try it you will see that it is the case.
I agree on the tube part. Look at electrostats or hybrids with Electrostats. You cant beat them for soundstage open-ness: