Which speakers for Vincent sv-236?

I am looking to replace my old speakers for new ones.
My amp is the Vincent sv-236, an integrated hybrid amplifier, it can be floorstander or bookshelf speakers, I haven't decide yet.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

I am a Vincent dealer and the amplifier is remarkably capable.

So the pertinent questions become:

1: Room Size is the room is bigger than 12 * 12 or so get a floorstanding speaker

2: How loud do you play? If you want to play loud and the room is large then a more efficient speaker will be better.

3: Taste in music? If you play big anything or loud rock and roll you will need some bass and dyanmics.

4: Price the more you have to work with will determine the resolution you can accheive.
I have a small room, the size is 13' * 14'6''.
I seat 9 feet away from my the speakers, they are 3 feet away from the back wall and 6'3'' from each other.
I am mainly a rock listener but I also like a Jazz and symphonic music.
My first thoughts were for the Vienna Acoustics Grand Haydn or Grand Mozart, but I want more options, also I am very uncertain about how the floorstanders will play at my room.