Which speakers for use with iPod?

I don't have an enormous budget, but would like to purchase a small set of speakers that I can use with my iPod. I have been looking at a couple of models, but cannot easily get a demo of any of them so I would like to know your opinions!

I have been looking at the JBL Creature II, Harman/Kardon SoundSticks II, and also the Edirol MA-10A. I listen to a wide range of music, so a more neutral sound would probably be better, but if the bass can be turned down on the first two then that would be OK. Also, if anybody has any alternatives in this sort of price range I would be pleased to know!


might want to check http://www.ilounge.com/. They discuss all the speaker set ups that are designed especially for iPod and their plusses and minuses. None of them make a top-flite home system, but some are pretty good.

For what it's worth, I have the Altec Lansing in Motion setup for use in my office. I got it because its easily portable (business trips and vacation) and was the lowest price. Not sure what your intended use is though.
Portability isn't really that high on my list of priorities here - I shall be stationing the speakers in my room and playing the iPod through them, and then taking the iPod away with me whenever I needed it. I am more interested in how good the system sounds, with looks coming in second but nowhere near as important as the audio quality.
Monitor audio just annouced a pair of amplified speakers for the Ipod; $329.00
I know Monitor Audio are a good make (we've got speakers by them on our main HiFi system) but that's a little more than I had wanted to spend - especially as I'm in the UK and they're charging £249 for them here!
I run my iPod into my big rig through a $35 cable that plugs into the line out of the iPod's base (2-channel stereo connection on the end that runs into the receiver).

Any chance this is an option for you?
I've been very disappointed at the sound quality of the small systems designed to play iPods. I think that a cheap integrated amp with a pair of inexpensive 2 way speakers would blow away any of the iPod directed systems that I've heard, and I've heard quite a few.

This stands in stark contract to the high quality of some of the modest priced earphones (e.g. Shure 3c, or is it c3?), which can be xtremely good.

I am puzzled. Seems like there is a great business opportunity available that remains to be seized.

Unfortunately, plugging the iPod into the "big rig" via such a connector isn't a viable option for me, otherwise I would already be doing it!! I have the cables and everything, but a set of speakers is what I really need to do what I want here.

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the Creatures and SoundSticks both contain their own small amps? Or do you mean two separate units rather than one with both pieces of kit inside it? Similar to what I have said above, I have a good set of headphones (from BeyerDynamic) that I can use but what I am after is a good yet fairly cheap set of speakers.

Thanks for all the help so far!

For practicality reasons, you can use any computer stereo speaker set for your Ipod. If you want something of higher quality try Tyler Acoustics. He had a set of computer speakers at THE Show at Las Vegas in January which sounded pretty good.
I bought my daughter a Cambridge Soundworks powered system on ebay for $30 including shipping. I haven't listened to it critically but it sounds okay through a closed door. Hows that for a ringing endorsement.
Just had a look for these two companies on the web. Tyler look fantastic, but are far too expensive for what I want...

Do you know which Cambridge Soundworks system you bought? And also, does anybody know where I can get these in the UK, as they will only ship to continental America, which is a shame as there is a very good looking 270-watt system on there for only $150!!

Sorry, but my daughter took them off to college. I checked the ebay history but the model number wasn't mentioned in the ad. There are several similar units being auctioned now.
I hate to say this... but I ended up purchasing the Bose SoundDock for my iPod. It sounded the best when compared with others mentioned, and was the most simplistic - drop the iPod in and that's it. None of the "all in one" units for the iPod come close to a real rig, IMO. Good luck.
OK, no worries. I have just discovered you can buy their units on Amazon, where I found they did a 300 watt system that cost under £100, including delivery! I think that shall most probably be what I get - especially as the SoundSticks I was thinking of cost more and produced only 40 watts!

As for plugging a few wires in to get the kit up and running, that doesn't really bother me in the slightest. :-)

Forgot to mention that the system I have found and am seriously tempted by is the Cambridge Soundworks MegaWorks 250D. Would I be making a good decision here?