Which speakers for McIntosh tube amp MA2275-Why?

I would like to get advices on how to select the best speakers for my McIntosh MA2275 tube amp at 75 Watt per channel. Using these opinions I will limit my search to a handful of speakers. It would be best to listen to as many as possible but there is no high-fi in my area and even listening to a hand full of speakers would require significant traveling.I live in a remote area. My budget? I would buy used,$6000 maybe? Size is not an issue and would like efficient speakers.I need fair bass response for pipe organ. Transparent with low distorsion and a huge sound stage would be nice. I listen to 30% classical 30% rock 30% Jazz 10% other. Being a physicist technical discussions may help in my preselection.

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What about Audio Note AN-E SPe HE or Dali Helicon 400mk2.
Pretty silly question for a physicist. No matter how many times a member asks this same question, I will never understand it. And to think that possible answers can be further supported with technical data is even it more absurd. No matter how far you need to travel, only your ears and your heart can make this decision.
what is you room size? how would you feel about large corner horns?
Pair of Klipsch LaScala II's and a pair of JL Audio F112 subs.
Sorry to sound like a broken record but, "Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. There is no definitive "best" anything, it's all subjective. When you ask a question like this, the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system.
I know the speaker you are looking for. It will exactly fulfill your requirements for huge sound stage, high degree of transparency and low distortion. It is located at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest which is a terrific hi fi show in Denver October 14th. 15th. and 16th. From your remote area you can simply fly in to DIA and for $30+- get a round trip shuttle to the hotel where the weekend rates are very low. There you can list to lots and lots of speakers and see or hear what floats your boat.
I remember one year I bumped into a guy who was shaking his head. He had purchased speakers unseen and unheard and realized there was so much stuff out there that would have been better and some cheaper.

The best
Jim makes a great suggestion. It is a great idea for a person who lives far from audio dealers, or anyone who wants to hear many different brands in one place.
You mentioned that you wanted pipe organ bass. Here is a short blurb on some of the issues of speaker design. My reading of it would suggest that, with your amp, you will need a large cabinet to play low and loud.


The two manufacturers that I like with Mac gear are Thiels and JM Labs. I would guess the transformers on the Macs seem to mitigate the detailed nature of these speakers. JM Labs might be a better fit for the 2275's due to Thiels impedence dips.
My room size, hard wood floor, is about 26 feet deep 30 feet wide. I cannot place the speakers to benefit from the 30 feet and there is too much furniture in it. I feel that it interfere with my tone. When I moved it will be a different story:)

I know that it might be possible to buy some vintage Tannoy Autograph with wooden horns to be placed in corners. Is this what you have in mind?

My wife could likely live with 15 speakers but no room in the corners

My room cannot accomodate such large corner horns. Also they are 15 inches and I would be afraid that they might be too heavy to have fast transient and well defined bass. Also how does a 15 inches cope with its upper range? After all these coaxial speakers are only 2 ways and are supposed to be wideband.

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How does the forum work? I tried to reply to the answer from Peter_S (large corner horns)and was expecting to see my reply under his answer but I got it at the end just like if it was an answer to my original thread. How can I reply to a specific guy?

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To Lokie. Talking about impedance dip. This is the type of info I am looking for the preselection even if at the end my ears will decide.

As a pysicist I studied topics related to amps and speakers a long time ago and worked on more exotic stuff since then. I am afraid that I forgot many things...age doesn't help I guess...

If someone could explain the difference of behavior between ss-amp and tube amp when it comes to variation in impedance that could be interesting. I heard that for tube amp it is better if the speaker has a positive phase angle than a negative one. Is this true? Why?

My MA2275 has large output transformers, my feeling is that the stored magnetic energy should make my amp less sensitive to dips in impedance than a SS amp as SS amp don't have the large energy reservoir. What is wrong with my reasoning?

I have on my MA2275 2,4 and 8 Ohms output; it is the magnitude of my impedance. Is my amp output purely resistive or reactive? Does it influence how well my speakers will match, how they will behave?

To Lapierre Audio Note AN-E SPe HE. These speakers are 98 db efficient in rather small cabinet or at least not that large. I doubt that it has the bass extension suitable for pipe organ. Also the cabinet is lightly braced with little damping as it is supposed to ''supports the drivers in their task, not unlike the box of a guitar''

It would be a very difficult task to tune a cabinet to help the drivers and ending with low coloration and artefact. I am not sure that I would trust that.

What is your experience with this product?

I would better trust JM lab or Dali

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Klipschfan made a stellar advisement. The LaScala II is just about as efficent as a speaker gets, and has midrange that will knock your socks off. Paired with a great sub from JL Audio will give you the depth to deliver the pipe organ in spades. Excellent suggestion, especially paired with the McIntosh tube amp.