which speakers for low watt power amp?

My power amp is 75watt mono tube blue circle bc2.
Which speakers are best match?
Ho i need high dB? should i go for lower watt speakers or higher?
Please list some brands also.
What type of music do you like to listen to? That will figure in to what may work best for you. I listen to an extremely wide variety of music and have found Legacy Focus HDs and particularly the later SE models to be great with a wide variety of musical styles. I mention them also as they are extremely efficient and will extract tremendous performance out of your low watt power amp. As an FYI, they are nominal 4-ohm impedance speakers; please check this against what your amp manufacturer states is optimal for your amplifier and that it is capable of driving a specific load...
Other than some really extreme designs and extreme applications (very large room, ear-bleed level requirement), a 75 watt amp should work with almost any speaker. I've heard notoriously hard to drive Magnepan 3.6 driven quite adequately with less than that amount of power. I've only heard the MBL speakers attached to much larger amps, but, I bet they would be more than listenable with smaller amps.

I don't think you are seriously constrained in your choice of speaker with that much power on tap. Like anything else, there will be synergy issues concerning specific combinations of gear, and that, more than power per se, will be important.
I like to listen to people singing, not that much into musical.
Couple of quick questions:

Do you have a price range you would like to be in?

What size room will the system be in?

Do you prefer floorstander or bookshelf speakers?

I would probably avoid Martin Logan and any extremely power hungry speaker, but that's not really a low power amp.
Sonus Fabers can be beautiful with voices. They are also well known for having synergy with many mid-powered tube amps. Depending on your desire for bass...or 'only' voices...as well as your budget...the Guarneris are amazing and SOTA in the mids. I know them well having spent many years enjoying them, and you can speak with DaveyF about them, as he owns them. Hope that is helpful. One man's opinion.
highly recommend Classicloudspeaker T3.4 they have a website you can look them up.Fantastic full range floor standing horn speakers efficiency 102db/watt-m .I just replaced a pair of Focal JM Lab Novas with these speakers.You can only buy them from the manufacturer it is a custom order and it takes a while to get,worth the wait.
102db would be TOO sensitive in my opinion; you would never use more than a few watts. 75 good watts will drive just about anything; perhaps not to maximum loudness in every case but to quite reasonable sound levels. Larryi has it about right.
Do you have a price range : about $3000 to $8000
size room : 18x20 but its a L shape room.
prefer floorstand speakers. If possible 12" or 15"
is tannoy glenair suitable?
The Glenairs could be a great option for you (either the 10"s or 15"s). The Turnberry's would also be one to consider.

Do you happen to have a Tannoy dealer local?

****Please note that I am a Tannoy dealer here in the US****

Thanks taylor
O . the glenair 10 and 15 is a good match? great. What's the difference between 10 and 15 inch speakers? is it clearer?
75 Watts is plenty for most speakers, but if you really want sensitive speakers, check out Zu Audio. The Omen Def would fit your bill quite easily. Brilliant company, and speakers. Klipsch also makes high sensitivity speakers, with horns. :-)