Which speakers for Hegel H20?

I know that, ideally, you are supposed to match your amplifier to your speakers. Well, this time it's the other way around. I own a Hegel H20 amplifier. Dual mono, 200 Wpc into 8 Ohm, 350 Wpc into 4 Ohm. After selling my Tannoy Revolution XT8F speakers a few months ago, I am presently looking for a  good pair of speakers to match to my Hegel.  Budget: $7,000 or so. 
I am looking at Spendor D7, Proac D30, Dynaudio Contour 30 but I have no way of knowing whether they will work well with the Hegel.
Advice would be highly appreciated.
Thank you!
I have heard Hegel amps (various models up to the H30) with KEF Blade speakers. A used KEF Reference 3 or Reference 1 would get you great sound. 

However, I also think the speakers you have listed would have no issue ( I have not heard Proac). That Spendor D7 which I heard at my friends house with Audio Research amps was rather good.
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The big Ushers, be20dmd's and earlier revels for sure. Most dealers will let you bring your own amp in if they know you're serious.