Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?

OK, controversial subject but it needs asked. I'm curious for your experiences, mainly in your home, not a dealer and esp. not a show demo
ProAc are wonderful. Their true ribbon tweeter is sublime. Harbeths are easy to listen to but can be a bit boring, but certainly listenable. BTW the ML and a few others use the Heil AMT ( Air Motion Transformer) I’ve always found it a bit bright. Raidho are nice. Magico but very revealing and need the right everything to get them to sing. 
I found JM LAB Focal Stella Utopia upfront and bright. Head ached after 20 minutes every time.  Couldn’t be the amp Pass
Labs XA 100.8. 
Worst combo I've had--

Cerwin Vegas with Crown Amps--so bad totally unlistenable .

Almost as bad but never would buy.

Latest B+W 800 series-- like razors in the ears.

Von Schweikerts-- just dull.

Magicos- sounds like designed by and for a computer-hear them with Halcro Amps and rush for Root Canal for relief

Any ESL-yes sadly been there many times-bit of heaven and hell
they all fail at some time--got sick of saying a Prayer every time I turned them on. The great pity as they can perform superbly --when running

Caveat Emptor


I agree with those who think the B&Ws are too bright. I've owned one pair and heard others, and I just can't listen to them very long. Other's love them, so to each his own. I find I have issues with a lot of metal dome tweeters. I prefer, and recommend, soft dome tweeters for less fatigue. 
Martin Logan ESL-X on demo they hooted, squawked and buzzed at me getting very lost on complex pieces.