Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?

OK, controversial subject but it needs asked. I'm curious for your experiences, mainly in your home, not a dealer and esp. not a show demo
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Note, readers, that @kenjit did not deny the facts of Roy’s (above) claims on the original thread, nor on this one. That tells you all that you need to know about who is, and is not honest.

As to his attempts at misdirection directly above, it further reveals a lack of honesty. The first link that he provides leads to this "complaint":


I sent my ************************* to ***********, owner of Green Mountain Audio for repair/upgrades. He has had them in his possession since March 2019. He has been ill and has apparently died. I am wondering how I can get my speakers back from his shop.

A "complaint"? Ludicrous.

The second is a thread from which he extracted the excerpt in his above post. It is apparently true that a small number of customers of Roy’s were left in limbo after his demise. It is also apparently true that a small number had some difficulties with him prior to his death. Neither of those issues are relevant to the obvious fact that kenjit is biased, nor to my initial criticism on this thread. I had simply questioned the "bright and fatiguing" claim of another poster, as I never had that experience, nor can I recall having heard of others having had it.

No one has suggested that everyone liked GMA speakers, nor that Roy was perfect. But kenjit’s "contributions" should be understood through the lens of his obvious bias against both the manufacturer, and Roy himself.
Except for bad designed one, no speakers sound "really" bad......

The factors most of the times explaining the opposite opinion comes from the bad or uncontrolled  acoustical settings of the room, and secondarily to bad mechanical controls and uncontrolled electrical grid...

OK, this is my forum post so PLEASE no more GMA discussions! Let's stay on topic. I could care less about whether GMA did bad or not!
I owned the Tyler Acoustics Taylo 7U. They just sounded blah. They played all of the notes and none of the music. I have owned the Linbrook Super Tower and heard many speaker from the Tyler that I liked at shows. Just not the 7U. 
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a speaker you can turn right up and continue enjoying clean pristine treble?

Is there even such a thing?
And MC replied: "There is. Unfortunately very hard to find. Fast as they build em, fanboys snap em up."

That is just the perfect riposte! Well played!