which speakers best for my system /musical taste?

i have krell 250a & 250a/3 amps
acurus act-3
krell krc pre amp
i listen to a wide variaty of music
pantera, overkill, pink floyd,tool,godsmack,alice in chains to name a few and i like it loud
my choice is between aerial acoustics 7b or b&w803
would appreciate feedback
Look at the ATC line of speakers, they are hugely dynamic and punchy for rock. The monitors I have are the
ATC SCM-12's. They need power, but with the Krell you have it.
I have large Vmps with Krell amps, best rock speakers I have ever owned. You will not need a sub: Vmps super tower/r or for less money: Vmps 20th anniversary edition tower II, shipping is free and you can get lots of options on these if you want to kick um up a notch. I have the super tower/r in my large five channel system. I have had these speakers for six years and the bass impact is nothing short of stunning with my Krell's.
I'm an ATC dealer, but looking over your system and your preferences, I think Sogood's advice is excellent, and he already is using Krell with VMPS so we have his input on that synergy being a very good one. I would suggest the VMPS over either the Aerials or B&W's.

In addition to VMPS, you might consider the Buggtussel Lemniscus, a transmission-line speaker that is particularly dynamic and lively. The Buggtussels excel on solo piano, which is a very difficult instrument to reproduce because of its enormous dynamic impact (it's really a percussion instrument) as well as its rich harmonic structure. Yup, I peddle Buggtussels.

Finally, if you don't mind a somewhat small spot, an absolutely stunning loudspeaker is the InnerSound Eros. I'm not a dealer for InnerSound speakers (just their amps), but the Eros combines the clarity and articulation of electrostats with superb dynamic impact.

Best of luck in your quest!