Which speakers?

I just went out and purchased the new Sony 60"SXRD television set. I am now looking to piece together a nice surround sound system to go with the set. I will use this for music,I listen to rock mostly,but listen to all kinds of music,it will aslo be used for dvd's and videogaming.My place is a small one bedroom apartment.The living room is about 18.5x 13. I already have the Anthem Statement D1 along with the Statement P5.I have the Denon 3910 for dvd player.Here is where I am lost.Speakers? I just want an excellent sounding system for music and dvd's.Can someone point me in the right direction as what to look at? Is there anything that I should stay away from? Thanks for your help.
Audition as many different speakers as you can and buy what sounds best to you. Do you have a budget?
Price range?
Did you look in to Paradigm? I believe Anthem and Paradigm are partner companys if so I asume they would sound great together.
What`s the budget? Without one, advisors & you are just spinning their wheels.
Budget? 2 channel or HT?
All I can tell you is stay away from "LIFE STYLE SPEAKERS"
Like Klipsch RSX series, B&W M1 any speakers with plastic on them. If you compare lets say the B&W M1's at $400 a pair to B&W DM 600 at $300 a pair in no way do the M1's sound better.
Try to get somthing with a wood or MDF like cabinet. Knock on the speaker cabinet if it rings stay away! IF you have a smaller room try to get the best quality two way speaker you can find. If you are on a budget (like most of us) buy one piece at a time you will be much happier in the long run.
Wish I could type faster I could give you more advice..
Good Luck..

Get some of you favorite music & play it (in two channel no sub rears or center) on all of the speakers. There is no such thing as a "home theater speaker" if a speaker can't play music it will not play movies! I do not know what a death star sounds like when it blows up but I do know what real music sounds like.
I second the Paradigm. It's probably a good synergy with your gear and will meet your needs.
Can't go wrong with Legacy or KEF, IMO.
I would look at Energy and B&W.Both of those speakers look very nice and will compliment your tv.I do feel that the Energy speakers are the most bang for the buck out there.
I'd do exactly what Krellm7 said in both of his posts. That knocking on the cabinet is a definite must. You want to hear the DRIVERS, not the box rattling. It is worthwhile, imo, to go to a smaller dealer to get some advice, and spend a little extra cash to get a LOT more, in terms of both product and expertise. As we all (should) know, price and value are related but not synonymous. This is disproportionately true in the world of high end audio.
If you want "boxless" sound and modern style like your TV look into Gallo Ref 3 fronts and center channel. Add Gallo Due speakers for surrounds.