Which Speaker to go for?

Hi, I had a similar thread to this before but am starting a new one as its been a while and I know a bit more now than I did before. I am about to get my first set of speakers but not too sure what’s the best out of these. It will be used for listening to music (mostly indie/rock) from vinyl. I’m looking second hand to get the best value for money and these are my options:
Kef Q950
Monitor Audio Silver 10
Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20
So what are your thoughts? I have to move fairly quickly due to ebay listings ending soon. I’ve heard good things about all of these, atm I am leaning to either the Kef as its going for a very good price, or one of the monitor audio as a lot of people have recommended them (though I’m not sure which is better out of the two). Alternatively I could buy a Dali Oberon 5 from new. Any advice?

Well the KEF Q950 listing ends in 9 hours, whereas the two monitor audio speakers will be up for longer unless the get sold. I’ve spoken to the owner of the MA GR20 and he has said I can go and listen to it as a demo before buying which I would like to do, but it would mean I miss out on the KEF speakers as their listing would finish before I get to listen audition the GR20. Although I imagine I could message and ask him if the KEF are still available as currently no-ones bid on it.

I am leaning to the MA GR20 as I can listen to them first and see if I like, although I have no frame of reference for what sounds good/bad, I'll just have to see if I like them. They also look very cool imo and are the cheapest of the three I listed. However, they are the oldest (around 2005 I believe) which does give them a cool vintage feel but I worry about if there more likely to break, or if the newer MA/KEF I mentioned would produce a better sound, the KEF are very new so may have better tech to produce better sonic quality. 

I'm sure that all of the speakers I mentioned are good and I'm trying to find a definitive answer about what one is the best where there probably isn't just one that is best. However, this is my first setup, and its a lot of money for me so I want to get it right.

This is slightly unrelated but I'm getting emails saying I've had new replies to this thread but theyre not showing up here. I don't know why but also I'm not ignoring anyone for some reason I may not be able to see your message.
Are you familiar with eBay's Completed Listings filter? Suggest looking at those to get better sense of demand, price and how often they are available. Could be a stress reducer...

Also, I  wouldn't worry about "old tech" in Monitor models, if they float your boat. Cheers,