Which speaker to choose?

I currently have an older pair of Barking Dog Mk-1's and am considering a move up to the new Mk-3's, with the "Sonic Muzzle" wool blanket technology. Should I keep the Mk-1 or bite the bullet and spring for the Mk-3? Also, I have been looking at the new Sonic Haircut line with their patented titanium knife-edge tweeter. I would need to know how they would match up with my BoatAnchor Danforth-1A amp with peak current limiting mods. I am open to suggestions for other recommendations any of you may have.
April Fools Day was last Monday!!!

For recommendations:

1. Get A Life!
2. Get a S.O. (male or female)
3. Wait until next year, post on April 1.

Last recommendation.....


I thought it might be fun for everyone to come up with some creative and funny names for audio gear and technologies!
Twl> You're off your medication again aren't you? If you had been paying attention you would know they just released the Mk IV's which have gotten rave reviews. Check audioreview.com for consumer response. Also the knife edge tweeters have been recalled due to safety concerns and have been replaced with soft dome tweeeters which is a real shame since they were definitely a cutting edge product.
Sorry, You got in there before I got mine posted. Oh well It was still fun.
Twl, we already have funny names.

Berning amps (Burning amps)

Freid Speakers (Fried speakers)

Naim brand components (Name brand components)

Manley Amps (Aye, those are very Manley amps......best spoken with an attempted Irish accent.)

Derivation of these names may seem disrespectful, but necessary during the long hours spent on the floor by high end audio guys. When I worked in the business there was not a sacred piece in the store. We had nicknames for them all, even the pieces we loved.
ha ha (Nelson from the Simpson's voice)