Which speaker? paradigm s2 vs totem rainmaker

Cambridge audio 840A intergrated and CA 840c
I need to know which is preffered by most people
listen to rock/jazz/pop. basically everything.
If I were you I wouldn't want to know which was preferred by most people. I would want to know which was preferred by me.

That pretty much means listening before you buy. But if you can't do that, you have to 1) try to find out how others describe the sound, and what gear they use the speaker with, 2) be ready to resell the first one and try the second if the first doesn't work out. The straw poll you're asking for won't be of much use.

I hope some folks who have actual experience of these units to share will help you out. I have heard lots of other Paradigms and Totems, and if I had to choose by that alone, I suppose I would go for the Totems. The Totems I've heard were IMHO better balanced in the mids, and more refined-sounding than what I've heard of Paradigms.
Amen, Tobias. That said, my experience with other Paradigm and Totem models is much the same, too. Paradigm tends to have an "exciting" initial sound, with lots of detail, but that's the sort of thing that tires me out quickly with rock and jazz. Totems have plenty of detail, but it's in perspective relative to the lushness of the midrange, and the overall sound is one that to me would be more engaging and plain enjoyable over time: the Totem Model One is on my personal wish list for those reasons. Just my tastes...
I've see n a website where the guy has pre-assembled systems and a lot of them are Cambridge/Totem pairings. It's www.archiveaudio.biz. He's here local to me, (Columbus, Oh) and I plan on looking him up when I get some cash together. He apparently likes those together, maybe you can give him a call about the pairings.
thank for the response. I did kinda like the totems spacious sound and imaging too.
If you haven't heard the Paradigm Signature series you really haven't any idea how good a speaker they are, head and heals over anything else in their lineup.

I have S2s and I think they're amazingly good and just purchased the S4s. For a change of pace I'm listening to my original Celestion SL600s right now. If I want a British sound I much prefer them to the Totems.
The paradigm signatures are incredible. I cant believe they are not more popular on audiogon. They are in another league from the studio line. The s2's with a sub is all the speaker you will ever need.
I bought a pair of 100 V.3's. Liked them better then the s2's. they sound alot like each other, but the paradigm v.3 was more relaxed, not as harsh, and didnt have bumper mid bass that i found annoying in the s2's. The S2's were great when I used a sub and crossed over to get rid of the mid bass issue as I wrote above.
I strongly agree with Sthomas12321, the S2's are remarkable I was using an Arcam amp and now I use a Bryston b135 and WOW what a performance. cable matching seems to be also a very important choice. Every song a listen to is so enjoyable the speakers have hardly any coloration, just beautiful.

both are excellent. If you like the totem sound- then seek out "The One" model. This was the best the company ever made. Yes, it will play everything, sounds excellent on rock music.

The Paradigm is very good as well. Especially w/ rock music.
Keep me posted on your buying decision. Happy Listening!
The Totem Model 1 Signature is a superb speaker on acoustic music.
With the Cambridge electronics ( having had them in a prior B system ) and also having owned Totem Arros and Forests in prior systems ( so I know their sound ), I wouldn't limit yourself to either stated option.

Instead I would look to a British speaker and cables for a preferred system synergy

E.g. Tannoy, KEF, ATC, Spendor, Proac or REGA as some worthy alternatives .